BEAUTY BEST BET: Shared Planet Polar Bear Collection Eye Shadow Palette

shared planet polar bear eye shadow

You can support animal causes by using vegan (no animal byproducts used in the formula and/or creation) or cruelty-free (no animal testing) products. You can further express your animal sympathies and do more for the cause, thanks to Shared Planet Cosmetics. Not only are the brand’s GORGEOUS products inspired by the GORGEOUS creatures we share the earth with, but 10% of the proceeds are donated to organizations such as Panthera and Polar Bears International, which work to protect at-risk animals and preserve their precious habitats. You can passively do good — your purchase not only makes you look beautiful but it helps others in need. And what’s more stunning than that? The Shared Planet Polar Bear Collection Eye Shadow Palette will satisfy your jones for a jewel-and-cool-toned palette. The 12-pan palette boasts blue, green, violet, bright pink, gold, and gray shades. It’s legit cooler than the Arctic. If you want a palette that steps out of your makeup comfort zone, grab this one since it also helps creatures in need.