Beauty Best Bet: SUREBASE, Bounce Curl, & I-N Beauty

Get excited for this fantastic Fall roundup:

Check out the vegan Korean makeup brand from CTK Cosmetics that just came out with non-comedogenic clean foundations that are specifically designed for immaculate, and dependable coverage. SUREBASE’s new collection consists of two fabulous liquid foundations, Glad Glow and Nudy Steady. Both foundations are produced with powerhouse ingredients which include:
– Banana Blossom which is rich in vitamins and minerals to help create a flawless skin texture.
– Blue Chamomile known to enhance hydration and soften the appearance.
– Squalane 100 and natural vegetable Squalane to lock in the moisture and replenish the skin.

If you are looking for coverage that is long-lasting yet natural you want to try Glad Glow Foundation. This premium silicone-free formula won’t block your pores and will leave you with a healthy radiant finish. Choose from 15 different glowwear foundations HERE.

For a lightweight foundation with a semi-matte finish Nudy Steady Foundation is a great choice. What is impressive about this product is that it delivers 24-hour coverage that actually stays on and doesn’t cake. The company also says Nudy Steady is excellent for combination and oily skin types that need that extra moisture balance, but also shine insurance. Find Nude Steady in 15 different shades HERE.

Bounce Curl 
If your hair requires some real TLC then Bounce Curl’s Turmeric Hair Detox is what you need. Especially if dandruff is one of your concerns. This detox mask is produced with an array of antioxidant ingredients which comprise of organic apple cider vinegar, charcoal, turmeric, and green tea. The organic apple cider vinegar helps to kill the fungus causing dandruff, while the charcoal absorbs sebum and removes flakes. Make sure you apply the mask on a dry scalp and let it sit 20-60 minutes to get optimal results. Just relax and let these essential ingredients do their thing before going into the shower. What is also fabulous about the Bounce Curl line is that all the formulations are concentrated so you only need a little amount for optimal effect. Bounce Curl has been highly praised for its color-safe, cruelty-free and vegan hair-care products that are formulated with natural, plant-derived ingredients. There are no parabens, sulfates, silicones, PEGs, phthalates, mineral oils, formaldehydes, or artificial colors. Sign up for newsletter to receive special offers, a special treat for your birthday, and more. Keep your hair looking luscious and order your hair detox at

I-N Beauty
For a quick hair and scalp treatment for ultimate hydration I-N Beauty’s Soothe-Sayer Bi-Phase Scalp Treatment is a real game changer. Formulated with proven, effective plant actives and rich oils, this product pacifies itchy and dry scalp while assisting to maintain sebum production and reduces flaking. To use the treatment, make sure you really shake the bottle to get it all activated. It is best if you apply in the evening and then rinse it out in the morning to let everything settle and work its magic. Sign up for the email list and get 10% off your first order. Learn more at



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