Beauty Best Bet: Texture Sexy Hair for No Fuss Easy Clean-Up with Hairstory

If you love to workout but don’t always have the time to cleanup your hair after that post-sweat glow, or if you are looking for another way to simply your shower routine Hairstory has two amazing products you will be grateful for. Don’t compromise your schedule for hair maintenance, try Hairstory Powder and Hairstory Hair Balm. You will not regret it.

Hairstory Powder
This translucent powder is perfect for absorbing oil and sweat after any high-intensity training or energetic activity. Revive and add volume to limp hair to make it look like you have just stepped out of the shower. Produced with microfine vegetable and mineral matter which is invisible to the eye and allows oil-freedom of the hair follicles this powder doesn’t leave a white cast or sticky residue behind. What is even better is the formula is aerosol-free, therefore respecting the hair and the environment around us. Pump the product and apply for sexy, luscious hair that has an incredibly clean, floral scent. The powder is travel-friendly so excellent to take on the go when you need that “I just walked out of a salon look.”

Hairstory Hair Balm
Dubbed Hairstory’s ‘magic in a bottle’ this product is fabulous because hair dryers are not necessary to achieve maximum results. Combined with leave-in conditioner, part curl cream, and part frizz-fighter, style your hair with hardly any effort. This hair balm locks out frizz without leaving your hair feeling greasy (thanks to Jojoba Oil), or with that crunchy aftermath that is so annoying. Use this product to moisturize over-processed hair, structure curls, and add weight to give big hair a softer look. I love that you can customize this super conditioning balm to use on all hair types. It’s a perfect gift because anyone can use it, and wouldn’t we all like to save a little more time in our day. All the ingredients are 100% certified natural as well as being free from silicone, allowing the formula to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. So you can feel good about what you are applying to your head. By not using a blow dryer you are also eliminating heat damage and nourishing your hair with a formula designed to build strength and repair.

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