Beauty Best Bets: February Roundup

With winter on the verge of ending, keep your skin looking fabulous and your mouth in check with these highly beneficial products that arrive just in time for spring!

Clarity (un)Mask

Face masks are crucial for rejuvenating dull and dehydrated skin, particularly after the winter. Clarity (un)Mask by esteemed line Navinka Skincare will give your skin the perfect potent dose of detoxifying elements. This effective mask contains powerhouse ingredients such as magnesium to calm the skin and gently clear clogged pores, anti-microbial spirulina to help ward off acne, anti-inflammatory purslane to hydrate the skin, and sweet potato for a vibrant, youthful complexion. Apply a thin layer of the mask and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. Sit back and relax and let Clarity (un) Mask work its magic. Rinse with warm water and the result will be a healthier and more glowing look. All Navinka products are fragrance-free, making them the perfect choice for sensitive skin and even better certified cruelty free. To learn more and see the entire collection, visit


One of my new favorite products is my Gunkii tongue scraper. This is one of the most useful items we should all have in our abode, yet it is not something we would probably think to pick up. Oral health care is extremely important we are told. We brush and floss our teeth daily but so many of us forget how crucial it is to take care of our tongue which contributes to our overall hygiene. What I love about Gunkii is that you can see that it really does work just by your first use. Everyday a whitish yellowish gunk builds up on your tongue which is a combo of fungi, dead skin cells, bacteria, toxins, and food remnants. Gunkii removes all of this for you. By making this a habit your breath stays fresh. What is also wonderful about this company is every-time you purchase a Gunkii, a portion of the sale supports Project Smile and children who were born with cleft lip or palate. Free shipping worldwide, take charge of your oral care and nab this product at

Birthday Cake Toothpaste

Celebrate birthdays twice a day with this toothpaste treat. Brought to you by Frost Oral Care, Birthday Cake Toothpaste takes a mundane brushing experience to a much more fun level. This toothpaste is perfect for kids, especially if they don’t like to brush their teeth. The sweet anti-inflammatory formula is made with a gentle fluoride formula to prevent cavities and keep the teeth healthy and strong. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and sugar-free. Subscribe with email and get 10% off your purchase. Order your Birthday Cake now at

BEE&YOU Natural Moisturizing Foot Cream

Winter is almost over, but how are your feet? Show them some TLC with BEE&YOU Natural Moisturizing Foot Cream. Smooth out those cracked heels and dry skin with this fantastic foot cream. Produced with mineral zinc oxide, shea Butter, vitamin B5, raw honey and bee propolis, the formula absorbs instantly for essential nourishment.

BEE&YOU Natural Moisturizing Hand Cream 

Winter dryness gets the best of us, specifically our hands. BEE&YOU Natural Moisturizing Hand Cream does the trick to keep your hands hydrated. Use this product whenever you need that extra nourishment boost.

BEE&YOU Natural Moisturizing Body Cream 

Bring back that moisture with BEE&YOU Natural Moisturizing Body Cream. This all-natural product aids to balance, heal and calm problematic skin. Produced with an abundance of superior ingredients this cream works excellent to protect and restore the skin. Sign up for website and get 10% off. To purchase BEE&YOU, go to


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