Beauty Best Bets Holiday Gift Guide: Clarins, Skullcandy, Pulse & More

Blissful Luxury
Give the gift of beauty with the fabulous Shimmer & Shine Holiday MakeUp Collection by Clarins. With a sprinkling of glitter, the Gold Mascara Top Coat create sparkles at the tips of your lashes, the Illuminating Sculpting Powder Face and Décolleté perfects your complexion to create a light shimmering glow to irradiate your skin and subtly define contours, and the Red Berry Light Lip Comfort Oil will fill out your pucker without smudge to brighten and moisturize with a pop of luxurious color. Let someone look radiant during the holidays at

Fun & Adventure
For the outdoors fanatic and adventure-lover in your life, pick up a sturdy but light and comfortable Double Owl Hammock. Ultra-convenient when camping in the wild, it can easily be tethered to trees because of its 8-foot nautical-grade nylon ropes and steel carabiners. Its triple interlocking stitching and 210T parachute nylon ensure that no one over 400 pounds is at risk. The ultimate romantic sack,  you can lie cozily with your best other to watch the stars while improving your sleep and your back. Buy this unique gift at

Head To Sleep
Gift your music-loving or podcast fanatic friend an incredible way to fall asleep with a special pair of SleepPhones. With wireless headphones that use cordless induction charging, you’ll find that a padded, lightweight headband gently helps you fall asleep in a more comfortable way than with hard earbuds stuck in your ears. The tiny removable speakers allow you to listen to anything you wish while not disturbing your bed companion. This is RoHS/CE compliant with the highest standards for electronics and batteries. These clever SleepPhones also come with a one-year limited warranty. Order this gentle listening device for sleep time at

Superior Lubrication
For the single friend on your list, in search of high end, non-toxic personal lubricants, gift the Pulse Warming Dispenser with Pulse Pods lubricants. A genius idea, it works like a Nespresso machine using inductive heating technology and pods. Just insert a pod in the dispenser and let the soft, fresh lubricant pour into your hand out of its pod. With aloe and vitamin E or water and chia, the lubricant fluids are odorless and deeply hydrating. Get this new generation of paraben, glycerin, and petroleum-free lubricants and their dispenser at

Environmental Gifting
For the Global Warming warrior or skeptic on your list, pick up a special Global Warming Mug. It combines heat-sensitive technology to blot out areas on the map when the hot water rises in the mug, revealing the most affected and sensitive areas in the world right now. Educational and original, it will help you spread your valid message wisely with proof literally in hand. Brilliant! Order it at

All Music, No Noise
Get the music junkie on your list a pair of the recently released Venue headphones from Skullcandy that enable you to create your own space with no outside interference. Perfect for New York City, the active noise cancellation headphones filter all sounds out so you can immerse in your music and make your musical realm all your own. It’s equipped with Bluetooth wireless and 24 hours of battery life with a rapid charge. The awesomely designed, cushioned speakers come in white or black, too. View them at

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