Beauty Best Bets: It’s High Time for Relaxing Skin Care

Smoothing high® skin care products onto my face relaxes me like a cup of tea, but without the hassle of boiling water. I warm a few drops of the high® expectations cannabis face oil with my hands and apply to my face after a particularly stressful day. Immediately, I feel calmer as the oil seeps into my pores and my skin is refreshed. The cannabis sativa infused product does the job by addressing inflammatory responses to stress and providing antioxidants to combat pollution, but it is 100% legal and free of psychoactive substances.

After a good night’s sleep, induced by the harmonious scents of bergamot, petitgrain and melissa in the high® expectations oil, I apply the high® five cannabis moisturizer and my face is tingling, actually glowing. My pores are smaller and my cheeks rosy, all naturally, without make-up, first thing in the morning. I attribute this effect to the vitamins and minerals, co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and copper blended into the moisturizer along with the increased levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) provided by the Cannabis sativa seeds.

While the results are impressive, so are the formulations. High® Beauty was founded by Melissa Jochim, a 30-year veteran in the natural beauty industry. Her fascination with Cannabis sativa’s power led her to combine it with certified organic bioflavonoids and pure plant oils to produce skin care products that leave you “feeling high on life and ready to achieve your highest potential”, not to mention that your skin looks fabulous!

This fall, highlight Cannabis in your morning and evening skin care routine with high® beauty. Urban Outfitters is now offering the oil and moisturizer at and select stores.

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