Beauty Best Bets: Natura Ilia Secreto Eau de Parfum + The Brow Trio

If you have special romantic summer nights on the horizon to celebrate the revitalization of the city or travel, these two products will add polished, finishing touches:

Brazil’s Natura Ilia Secreto Eau de Parfum : Jungle Flower Lusciousness
You’re not fully ready until you spritz some of your favorite fragrance. Natura’s Ilia Secreto is the blended fragrance of mystery, secrets, strength, and sophistication with creamy white flowers that contrast with sweet notes of Tonka Fava, a chord of purple fruits, and Arabica coffee. This unique blend also includes Ishpink, a natural ingredient from the Amazon. Perfect for summer and outdoor settings because of its floral garden aroma.
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The Brow Trio: Trimmed Finishing Touches
The Brow Trio is an adorable pink silicone pouch filled with everything you need for at-home brow perfection, or for brow perfection as you travel, and includes: smudge-proof and waterproof brow shade pomade that is buildable (ranging from blonde to black in 8 shades to match all hues and skin types), tiny stainless steel scissors, a pouffy brow brush/sponge fr easy application, white tweezers, eyebrow stencils, and two brow brushes (one is double-ended). The 9 eyebrow stencils provide various options for size, length, and height of brows so you can customized your look to taste or for variety. Easy to use, you can have flawless brows in seconds; and if used daily, each jar of pomade will last around 3 months. Find it at


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