Beauty Best Bets: Vegamour & Scentbird for Pure Goodness

If you’re feeling the winter blahs, here’s a bounty of beauty-bolstering products that will add a little something extra to your look (and remember, spring is peeking ’round the corner).

From sunny California and crafted with healthy ingredients, comes Vegamour –a brand that amps up your brows and your lashes with love. The VegaBROW volumizing serum imparts thicker, fuller, faster brows in under a month’s time. The best part? The ingredients, which are 100% vegan and contain biotin and zinc, which are both essential for healthy brows. Peruse the goods at

SCENTBIRD is a beauty subscription-box delivery service that brings delightful gifts to your doorway. Reasonably priced, starting at $14.95 month, you can find items like the awesome SCENTBIRD Bamboo Charcoal Collection. This collection features a curated trio of skincare products crafted to cleanse, detox, and nourish sensitive skin. Cruelty-, paraben-, and sulfate-free, these will leave your skin singing. Have them delivered and read more at

Vegamour’s Pure Marula Oil is just what the dermatologist ordered for dry winter skin, post-sun exposure, or wrinkles. It’s pure, natural, sustainable, and fairly traded, and contains nothing but Marula seed oil. Care enough for your skin to use only the best, and this fits the bill. Find it here:

The VegaLASH system is lovely and easy: simply apply the serum to upper and lower lash lines, at the root. Apply mascara, repeat at night. Find these at and follow @vegaLASH.

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