Beauty Best Bets: Vitamin C Day

April 4th is Vitamin C day, yay! Vitamin C is essential for radiant skin, due to its antioxidant properties, cell renewal support, and collagen-boosting ability.

Eraclea Skincare Intensive Repair and Protect Vitamin C Serum utilizes a water-soluble, non-irritating, stable derivative of vitamin C effective in significantly lower concentrations to make it easy on sensitive skin. Other featured key ingredients include the peptides argireline (a collagen stimulating peptide that affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscles can’t contract) and Tripeptide 5 (a highly bioactive, deeply skin penetrating peptide). Both of these work hard to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen synthesis.Your skin’s wrinkles will seem less visible and your skin’s appearance more even and dewey after one use. Available for purchase at

Soma Ayurvedic’s Vitamin C Serum, Citrus and Herbs is a luxurious blend of anti-aging herbs and natural vitamin C that instantly eases your skin, hydrating it and filling in wrinkles/fine lines for a smoother, more youthful surface. This plant-based formulation is a staple of Ayurvedic skincare, dating back thousands of years. Skin instantly looks glowing with increased elasticity infusing a sense of peace in your whole being. The adaptogenic herbs used in the blend come from the same lush Indian forests that have been used since Ayurveda’s inception 7000 years ago. Made in India. Order this authentic Ayurvedic superseller at

You’ll love the creamy texture of this Ayurvedic inspired Complete Hemp Collagen Booster Serum with CBD that feels like a smoothie on the skin. Unbleached, the serum’s color is slightly green. The serum contains 22% vitamin C, micro algae, 300 mg infused spectrum and cannabis sativa whole plant extract to boost collagen and revitalize the skin. It is packaged in an airless, self-sealing bottle to prevent oxidation and microbial contamination, ensuring integrity and optimal potency at all times. Wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and age spots will be gradually reduced and your skin will feel more dewey and elastic. Free of GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, synthetic chemicals, dyes and bleach. Read more about this Vitamin C and CBD skin elixir at

The new Laroche Posay Vitamin C Anti-wrinkle Concentrate Serum combines 10 % pure vitamin C, salicylic acid and neurosensine (a dipeptide naturally present in the skin that reduces skin discomfort) . La Roche-Posay thermal spring water is rich in selenium and antioxidant properties that help protect, refresh and soothe sensitive skin.Your skin’s wrinkles or lines will be softened and the complexion more even, refined and radiant. Suitable for all skin types, it feels pleasant on the skin and gets absorbed quickly. Nab it at

PCA Skin ’s C&E Advanced contains 20% vitamin C, 5% vitamin E, 1% hexylresorcinol ( an organic compound with local anesthetic, antiseptic, and anti-parasitic properties ) and 1% silymarin ( an active rich in antioxidants). The combination of L-ascorbic acid and tocopherol (an organic chemical compound with vitamin E activity ) help to seriously prevent cell damage by fighting off highly reactive free radicals. Another awesome attribute in the formula is that C & E Advanced has a stable anhydrous formula that prevents antioxidant degradation. Though the lotion may produce a slight tingling sensation on sensitive skin, you can mix it with a moisturizer to make it smoother on the skin or only use it at night with your night cream. Find this super skin booster at

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