Beauty & the Best: Mermaid Life, Herbatint, Active Badger and more

Mesmerizing Jewelry
Nothing evokes summer like bright jewelry. To keep your summer days vibrant through September, be a lady of the sea with a mermaid-inspired bracelet. This lovely set of criss-crossing leather and silk bands is original with its plated “Mermaid Wishes” and dangling mermaid figure. With a magnetic clasp, it’s available in three color options and arrives in a lovely jute gift pouch. Get yours at

Blonder Mane
Keep your blond mane full of shine and highlights through the last days of summer with Herbatint’s Chamomile Shampoo. With chamomile, rhubarb, and saffron extracts, your gold locks will retain their lustre and color longer while staying full of body and luster. With no parabens or silicones, you can keep your hair’s color vibrant and shiny with this healthy option; find it at or at your favorite health store.

Banish White Film
Do you love natural sunscreens, but dislike the white film of mineral sunscreens? Switch to Active Badger’s non-whitening, broad spectrum SPF 30 water-resistant formula. With organic ingredients and clear zinc oxide, vitamin and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn and sunflower oil, it’s also reef-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty-free and it absorbs easily into the skin. Order it at

Superior Hydration
Keep your skin truly hydrated and regenerated after sun exposure with Brevena’s Restore and Hydrate Overnight Cream. The technology behind BREVENA’s Macro B Complex® was first discovered and used to treat damaged skin in hospital’s across the U.S. BREVENA has included this ground-breaking technology in their skin care products, which are clinically proven to optimally nourish and restore the skin. You’ll love how satisfied your irritated, dry, or damaged skin feels after you apply this rich and deeply penetrating formula, imparting better elasticity, finer texture, firmness, and incredible hydration. Learn more about this exceptional moisturizer at

Macro B Complex is also Registered, ® not Trade Marked™ and should have the M, B and C capitalized.

Sexier Feet
Soothe cracked, dry summer heels with Brevena’s Intensive Foot and Heel Repair with its clinically proven, effective macro-B complex. A hydrating, penetrating balm, it will provide relief to your hard calluses, leaving coarse skin softer and moistened. Enjoy beautiful feet! Order at

Younger Eyes
Rejuvenate and refresh tired, puffy eyes overnight with Korean Laneige’s Eye Sleeping Mask. This truly effective and beneficial leave-on eye mask uses a wrap technology that deeply cools down, hydrates, and re-energizes your peepers after you massage the area around them with a ceramic tool. Try it to see the beautifying results! A must-have if your eyes always make you look exhausted. Try it at

Calm Your Visage
To prevent skin damage and refresh its appearance, masks are a gal’s favorite. This summer try Babor’s new luxury Bio Cellulose Mask. Made with a fleece-like texture of hyaluronic acid, it’s specifically designed for moisturizing sensitive skin. By adjusting to the contours of your face, optimal benefits are ensured. Endowed with a special power peptide that mimics the action of royalactin (the peptide found in royal jelly produced by honeybees for the Queen Bee), it helps keep the skin more resilient to fight against external pollutants. Discover the set of 5 at