Beauty & the Best: Natural Acne Solutions

Battle acne with nature’s remedies by using these effective products for the task:

Gentler Care

If you’re looking for a gentle, soothing acne treatment, try Kamedis Dermatology Proven Botanicals. Clinically proven to clarify skin prone to acne breakouts within 12 hours, it uses 1.0% salicylic acid in its formula. The package includes an Acne Face Cleanser, Spot Treatment and Face moisturizer made with botanical purslane that does not over dry the skin but balances it out. Free of parabens, steroids, dyes, benzoyl peroxide, it brings comfort with natural ingredients to the skin while improving the complexion and reducing blotches after one use. Find it at


Softening Oil

If you have sensitive skin, experience the comfort of rosehip oil on your acne. It helps clear it by balancing the oiliness in the skin without drying the epidermis. Certified organic by the Australian National Organic Standard, one of the highest standards worldwide for organic cosmetics, Inika’s oil improves your skin’s appearance, helping to prevent acne flare ups and irritation while brightening and reducing redness. Discover it at


Smoothing Remedy

For your acne prone skin, G.M Collin’s Essential Oil Complex is deeply cooling and balancing. Rich in essential oils, it does not dry the skin one bit but helps to clear it with a milky, comforting  solution that eliminates redness. Good to prevent blackheads as well and repair skin so it feels softer, healthier and without shine, you must try it at

Healthier Soap

To keep your face clear, substitute your regular drying soap bar for  the Truly Clear bar that cleanses, tones, hydrates and fights acne at once. With salicylic acid, vitamins A, E, açai berry and goji berry, super fruits rich in antioxidants, soothing aloe vera and essential oils it restores the skin’s balance, hydrating and protecting it. Use in the morning and evening with warm water on your face, leave on skin for five minutes, then wash off with warm water. Keep it in its accompanying carrier to keep it clean when not using it. Get yours at

Travel Pads

If you travel, take with you AcneFree’s Daily Skin Therapy Acne Pads

Dermatologically tested, these convenient disposable mini pads unclog pores and tone skin. Use them on clean face, start once a day and use up to three times a day to keep pores clean. With 2% salicylic acid and menthol. Unclogs pore and tones skin, order them at