Benefit Hoola Bronzers In Caramel + Toasted

Benefit’s mega matte Hoola Bronzer is a cult fave since it adds a natural-looking, seamless, and sun-smooched glow to skin. It’s super versatile since it can be paired with additional products — from Benefit or other brands — for the purposes of contouring, sculpting, defining, and creating angles through shade and light. Benefit dropped two (!!!) new Hoola shades that were specifically designed for deeper skin tones and it’s an inclusive upgrade that should be applauded. Caramel is a warm tone that’s perfect for medium or deep skin while Toasted will serve the deeper complexions.

Another cool element to the Hoolas? You know how you usually toss those cheapie applicators that come pre-packaged with a product in favor of using your own high quality tools? Well, the Hoolas also are outfitted with applicator brushes that actually work well with the product and which you will use. The hairs are soft and pick up just the right amount of product. The wide shape allows you to sweep the bronzer across your face, the tip of your nose, on the high points of your cheeks, or on your décolletage in one or two swipes. Go forth and bronze, babes!

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