Best Bets: Immaculash, Elpha Beauty, Alkamind and more

Better Than Falsies

Falsies have become the go to for sexy eyes but many find them a pain to put on or to look a bit too unnatural. An easier way to achieve great volume is by using the new Immaculash mascara. With its dual wand applicator, it allows you to work on longer and shorter lashes individually, lifting and curling them to create that pack of lashes you crave. It is a little tricky to manipulate at first the double wand but with a little practice the results speak for themselves.Another great thing is that it lasts because an inner seal keeps the formula airtight to prevent caking.Get your Valentine lashes at

Energize Your Body

Kick every morning this month with Alkamind Daily Greens, a doctor-formulated rich alkaline superfood blend of 21 raw & organically grown vegetables, grasses, herbs, low-sugar fruits, antioxidants, and nutrient-rich minerals that will help you gain better mental clarity and feel good in your body. USDA Certified Organic, dairy free, soy free, GMO free, gluten free, sugar free, the mix is delicious, with a natural mild sweetness. You will become addicted to the good inner feeling that will help you feel good in and out after one try.

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Hair Camouflage

Want hide your grey on your love night without breaking the bank at the salon this Valentine’s Day? Trust Rootflage, a temporary root touch up powder that instantly adheres to hair and blends in it to hide your root regrowth. Apply the color with the large Kabuki brush included inside and work with the smaller detail brush to cover the finer hairs on the side of your face. With no harsh chemicals, it will not damage your hair. Choose between 25 + colors. Can be used to conceal thinning hair as well.

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Detoxify Your Skin

For skin that feels decluttered and refined on impact, try the supremely effective Elphia Beauty Luxe Exfoliating Gel. Instantly observe your skin get transformed as the gel touches the surface and a film of debris is lifted away leaving your skin so clear and radiant. By exfoliating and reducing build-up, younger skin is exposed with minimized pores. Acai berries and chamomile contribute to a healthy cell turn over. After this first step follow up with Elphia Beauty Luxe Rejuvenating Serum that feeds your skin with nutrients to improve its elasticity, tone and texture.

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An alternative to Botox

To tighten sagging skin and fill in lines around eyes and mouth, bet on the BRZLNSkin’s Brazilian Facelift Kit. Including Bratoxin to use daily to firm and elasticize skin, Bratoxinsta to visibly reduce eyebags and eliminate lines temporarily and Açai a triple cell complex sleep mask to rid your skin of toxins, you will look fabulous with a rejuvenated look for your night of love. Don’t apply too much product to avoid caking the first time. Including patented super powerful ingredients such as phyto-biotics açai stem cells and a superpacked peptide complex, this turn-the-clock kit, used by Marilia Moreno, the E! Network TV host, is for real and is sure to make your date wow on Valentine’s Day. Results get better over time but you will feel an immediate clear improvement the first time.?

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CBD Power

Improve all your skin issues with the amazing health benefits of CBD or Cannabidiol, a cannabis compound recognized for its proven therapeutic and antioxidant properties. Rich with CBD ,marine collagen, rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B3 and C, Hora Serum helps heal the skin from within through the skin’s own cannabinoid receptors. Your skin feels immediately calmer, more elastic, with more resiliency and a healthy glow. Very effective if you suffer from inflammation, acne or rosacea, it will calm your condition and regulate your skin’s cells better. Try also the Overnight Exfoliating Mask and the Rose Quartz roller to promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin firmness and reduce under eye puffiness.

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