BEST BET: Go for the Glow with the L. Raphael Collection of Luxurious Masks

For luminous skin during the holiday season, L.RAPHAEL Founder, Ronit Raphael recommends her collection of luxurious skincare masks to prevent common skin issues that arise from mask-wearing such as acne, congested pores, blackheads, dry skin, and irritation.
“The key to keeping skin healthy and glowing when wearing a face mask is purification, hydration, and nourishment,” says Ronit.
Treat yourself and others to a healthy, glowing complexion this holiday season with these L.RAPHAEL top of the line masks that can regenerate your skin to visible buoyancy. L.RAPHAEL can do customized, gorgeous gift boxes of any of their products for gifts for the holidays.

Apply L.RAPHAEL’s Mineral Purifying Mask, an intensive multi-mineral treatment once or twice a week to absorb excess oils and decongest and tighten pores. This mask also helps balance the skin’s hydrolipidic film which acts as a protective barrier to defend skin from bacteria while retaining moisture. Find it at

Vitamin C is lauded to boost collagen production and brighten the skin. L.RAPHAEL’s proactive Power Cure C Mask reduces pigmentation caused by sun damage and regenerates the skin while lifting it and making it glow. L Raphael recommends using a mask once a week for 15- 20 minutes to keep skin balanced, glowing and healthy. To combat skin issues caused by mask-wearing, apply a Cure C mask three times over the course of one week. For an even more intensive skin re-boot, the Power Cure C Mask gift box contains 28 days-worth of masks for a daily home-treatment of 28 consecutive days to significantly revitalize your skin to make it clear and vibrant for the holidays. While The L.RAPHAEL Spa at Four Seasons New York is closed due to Covid 19, you can still get the royal treatments that the exclusive line is known for at

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