Best Bet: Kryolan – Pigments + Tools to Create Lasting Glamour

Founded in 1945, Kryolan was one of the world’s first cosmetics brands. A favorite of makeup artists worldwide for its high quality pigments and excellent tools, this company enjoys a lot of trust in the beauty world as it perfects its formulas with unequalled expertise. In trying times, it is good to depend on brands we trust for quality that we can rely on.

For an easy lipstick to cheer up your visage without any questionable chemicals, opt for Kryolan’s Lipstick Sheer , enriched with a high dose of vitamin E and available in 18 colors for Spring. I love the Uma color that leaves lips moist and blends into the skin naturally.
Choose your favorite color at

Use Kryolan’s luxury synthetic Blue Master Precision Liner Brush to give your peepers a firm and flawless lining they will thank you for. Visit at .

To take care of your makeup brush, this hand made Kryolan Brush Soap blended with natural orange peel oil and extracts of thyme degreases and removes germs while keeping brushes pliant and supple. This soap ensures that no germs gets into your eyes. Access this gentle yet effective cleaner to make your tools last longer, at
Not sure what to put on your visage for Earth Day? Kryolan has so many beautiful possibilities. 

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