Best Bet : Terres d’Afrique for Healthy Skin

One of the sad things about Fall is when we start to lose the vivid light of summer, along with a glowing tan that made us feel sexier. As soon as Fall approaches, this natural radiancy gradually wears off, leaving dry, flaky skin from sun damage. To restore your skin to health, it is recommended to slough off the surface of the epidermis of debris and dead skin cells and moisturize your skin thoroughly. The purer the source of the emollient, the better for the skin as additives in skincare may dry up the skin after leaving a superficial sheen of moisture that does not really do anything. For this reason, Terres d’ Afrique, a luxurious collection of skin products that nourish and repair the skin’s barrier with the unsurpassed benefits of pure oils extracted from African plants have our vote. Terres d’Afrique means “African Earths.”

The formulations of this South African skin-healing collection use the wonders of the flowers of the baobab tree and of other African plants to nurture the skin to health. Did you know that the iconic baobab tree only flowers for one night when it is 200 years and begins to bear fruit? Inside the hard green velvety fruit is a pinkish powdery pulp trapped in pink fibers. The seeds which contain the oil can be found inside the dry powder pulp. The powder is called a superfood because it is incredibly rich in minerals and vitamins. It has 3 times the antioxidant power of goji berries and contains 10 times more vitamin C than an orange. Add to this superfood, the kernels from the nuts of the marula tree, another African native, used to produce a highly active oil and that from the seeds of the trichilia emetica tree and the kigelia. The kigelia is traditionally used in Africa to remedy skin-related conditions, such as fungal infections, acne, eczema and psoriasis. These indigenous power plants from a continent that lives with the sun all year round were used to create ancestral tribal remedies that are backed by science today for their remarkable benefits.

To restore your parched skin to health after the summer, start with the Terres d’Afrique Myrrh Body Scrub. Composed of sugar, coconut shell and rooibos flakes and scented with natural sweet myrrh, the scrub gently sloughs all your skin’s dead cells. High concentrations of palmitic, oleic and essential fatty acids help to preserve the integrity of the skin cell membrane and replenish the lipid levels of the skin. See it at

Then splurge with the Terres D’Afrique Omumbiri Body Butter with jojoba oil, mafura, rooibos and kigelis. The non greasy rich body butter moisturizes and regenerates the skin with essential fatty acids extracted from jojoba oil, mafura butter and coconut oil. Its natural compounds are effective to smooth sun inflammation and reduce sunspots thanks to active ingredients in kigelia and rooibos such as quinones and flavonoids. The pungent scent from the ingredients is real without being overwhelming and soothes the spirit. See it at

Terres D’Afrique is certified organic by Ecocert and hand harvested by Venda women in the province of Limpopo in South Africa, it is fair trade and is a member of the Southern African Natural Products Trade Association and was honored with its Phytotrade logo. All glass and aluminum packaging is sustainable. See more information at


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