Best Bet: The Clean Beauty Box

In these uncertain times, driven by a pandemic with no end in sight, purchasing your favorite clean skincare products may feel like an indulgent luxury if you are unemployed or on furloughed leave.

An economical way to still be able to enjoy exquisite clean beauty is to get a subscription with Clean Beauty Box. For a low discounted fee, you will be able to receive a collection of top-notch clean, ethically-sourced and cruelty-free beauty products bi-monthly. There are limited edition single boxes in between the bi-monthly offerings. Clean Beauty works with established and rising brands to keep you on the loop with the next cult favorites

The box I received included two fabulous products: The Firming Eye Serum Stem Cell & Peptide Complex, by Malaya Organics, a restorative, fast absorbing formula designated to visibly smooth the delicate skin around the eyes. It contains collagen-stimulating botanical stems and skin firming pea peptides that synergistically collaborate to reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

Kakadu plum provides high levels of vitamin C, prickly pear seed oil deeply moisturizes to brighten, green coffee bean oil reduces puffiness. If you have fair skin and want to get rid of these pesty little lines each time you smile, you will love it as the oil penetrates deeply without residue.

The other product in the box is the award-winning Recovery Cleanser by Dafna’s Personal Skincare a leading Spanish clean brand. At the end of the day, spoil your skin to this pleasurable balm-like cleanser that melts upon contact, freeing your epidermis of all grime and makeup while nourishing and comforting. It can be used as a mask as well that you just leave on all night to wake up with a pure, glowing complexion. Ingredients include moringa seed oil and calendula to rejuvenate skin and soothe inflammation, silica from bamboo to maintain elasticity, squalane to lock in essential moisture and balance oil production, orange and rosemary essential oils to calm the spirit.

Apply on dry skin with fingertips and massage into skin. Leave on for a few seconds and then rinse with warm water while massaging the cleanser as it turns into a creamy milk; Use a muslin cloth while rinsing. Each clean and cruelty-free product is carefully vetted to create a meaningful self-care experience. Choose the subscription that suits your lifestyle and budget whether every month or every other month at: