Best Bet: Velour Beauty’s Fluff’n Brow Pencil for Brow Power

Brows have been a staple of contemporary beauty for some time, but attract even more love in today’s world when most of your face is covered with a mask. Achieving commanding brows that rock can be frustrating without the right tools, especially for brow novices who struggle to achieve the desired sculpted look. Anyone looking for power brows will be excited by the new product from Velour Beauty: the Fluff’n Brow Pencil, an innovative 3-in-1 brow styling tool that streamlines the entire process of doing your brows. The Fluff’n Brow Pencil features a teardrop brow pencil for definition, an innovative tinted brow balm and a luxurious spoolie to finish your feathered brow look.

You can now easily create natural hair-line strokes and fill in sparse areas of brows with the Teardrop Brow Pencil at one end of the tool. Then turn around the pencil and use the Tinted Brow Balm to mimic the “Soap Brow” used by makeup artists on runways to thicken and feather hairs. Use it to dramatize your brows and create a more expressive look. Finally, the Spoolie that encases the pencil aids in feathering and taming your brows.

This tool is a total game-changer for brow lovers, as it provides everything you need for perfect brows in one handy tool. Choose between Taupe or Auburn for blond or lighter brows, Neutral Brown, Chestnut for brunettes, Dark Brown and Ebony for darker hairs. 

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