Best Bet: Rejuvenate Your Peepers

To keep the skin around your eyes wrinkle-free and reduce dark circles and puffiness, your weapon this summer is Hydropeptide’s Vital Eyes Instant Awakening Serum, which harnesses bakuchiol (an eye-safe retinol alternative) and caffeine to help increase blood circulation and de-puff the under eye area. The serum comes in a roller ball dispenser that easily slips into the tiniest purse. 

Simply roll gently around the eye area until absorbed whenever your skin feels dry, puffy, or in need of some refreshing. Vital Eyes Instant Awakening Serum is appropriate for all skin types, especially those with dark circles, hyperpigmentation, puffiness, crow’s feet, and aging skin. Key ingredients include bakuchiol, vitamin C, majestem (an active ingredient which tightens skin) and caffeine.

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