Birthday Brat, FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels, + Lottie London Oil Sticks: A Perfect Party Trio

Birthday Brat
Lights Lacquer just turned one! In celebration the vegan, cruelty-free company has created a fabulous sweet confection of three trendy limited-edition shades that are perfect for any soiree.
• Candy Clouds: Creamy soft baby pink with slight peach undertones 
• Sugar Baby: A sugar drizzled gold/pink glitter with larger holographic glitter particles
• Strawberry Frosting: A true creamy bubble gum pink

Each lacquer is highly pigmented and long lasting that you can apply just one coat. However, Lights Lacquer recommends two thin coats. One of the key tips to a perfectly polished look the company says is the brush – oval stem with rounded, flat brush for a perfect smooth application, perfect for all size nail beds. The founder of Lights Lacquer is Kathleen Fuentes, better known as KathleenLights. A popular beauty YouTube vlogger and influencer launched her YouTube channel on January 26, 2013, and today she has over 4.1M subscribers. Collectively Kathleen has a combined reach throughout her own channels of over 6.3M. The lacquers can be purchased at $9.50 per bottle or $26.00 for the Birthday Brat Trio bundle.Additionally, Lights Lacquer fans can purchase 1 sheet of pearl 3D nail art for $7 a sheet. Get 10% off when you sign up online for texts. Find Kathleen and Lights Lacquer on all social media channels: @Kathleenlights on IG + @Lightslacquer, @Lightslabel, and @KathleenLights1 on Twitter. To purchase Birthday Brat go to

FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels
Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of those pesky lip lines, hydrate and give moisture back, or give your pout some TLC with some essential antioxidants, FlashPatch Hydrating Gels crated by Pathology has got what you need. Produced with Niacinamide which helps increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels to keep lips soft and moisturized these gels really work.

Other combined important ingredients are Peptides and Green Tea Extract that soothe and deliver protective antioxidants. All you need is minutes to revitalize your lips in your everyday routine for a more vibrant and youthful appearance. To get those luscious and kissable lips go to

Lottie London Oil Slicks
Enjoy saucy and lustrous lips instantly when you try the new Lottie London Extra Cherries or Vanilla Whip Oil Slick Stick. Infused with almond oil, these glosses are delectably hydrating. Produced with their sweet cheery and vanilla extract not only will your lips be nourished but camera and kiss worthy. What I love is that you can apply the oil slick by itself, or enhance your everyday lip color. Made with 100% vegan oil there is no sticky residue and the product is long lasting. Your glamorous oil sticks can be purchased online only at


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