Pop Your Peepers with Blessed Beauty’s Eyeshadow

Blessed Beauty wants to focus on internal as well as external beauty. Its stunning new collection of eyeshadows for Spring will help you achieve an ethereal beauty that reconciles the two.

The curated eyeshadow sets enhance your natural beauty by bringing out your own eye color. The collection includes Gaze of a Goddess for brown eyes, Soulful Spectacle for blue eyes, Ethereal Eyes for hazel, Graceful Glimpse for green, and Starry Eyes, an evening set for all eye colors.

Subtle pigments enhance your eyes, combining fiery earth tones for baby blues or jewel tones for hazel eyes. You will be amazed at how your eyes pop up more if you use the right color on your lids. Blue eyes, for instance, appear bluer against a warmer hue. You barely need to apply a crayon or eyeliner to open up your peepers when you apply your right shade. The luxurious pigments adhere easily to your skin without irritating or caking. Go gently at first to see how your eyes react to the hue, apply the darker shades first and the lightest last.

Each Blessed Beauty Eye shadow set of 4 eyeshadows comes in a stack of magnetized leaf-shaped containers. Each pallet combines 3 different finishes – shimmer, matte, and metallic – for a complete eye look. Suggestions are provided to help you achieve the best results with the double-sided brush included in the adorable box

Each palette arrives with mantra stickers to help you find ground and peace within. One of the two mirrors included is a stick-on for your phone to allow you to touch up your makeup throughout the day or attach to your laptop (for Zoom calls). Blessed Beauty is made from natural ingredients of the finest quality and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, talc, mineral oil, BHA/BHT, BPA, PEG’s, formaldehyde, or fragrances. It is also cruelty-free.

Get your set of this unusual collection that soothes the senses and helps you create the most soulful eyes! Find what color suits you best at https://www.blessedbeautymakeup.com/


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