Blossom & Stone: A Q&A with Its Founder Kelsey Kennedy

We tried a sample of CBD with moon-charged rose quartz by Blossom & Stone, a small and woman-owned company that believes in rituals to ground ourselves, in the powers of the moon, and in quartz and hemp to bring balance and peace into our lives. I asked its creator, Kelsey Kennedy, to share her special way of integrating CBD in her life. 

You seem to establish a link between spirituality, nature and beauty. Tell me how to achieve your ideal of beauty and balance? 
To me, true beauty and balance comes from the inside. Every morning before I look at my phone I mediate, list my gratitudes and set intentions, and move my body. I try to balance my mind, body and soul before anything from the outside world can disrupt it all. 
How did you get interested in rose quartz? Tell me about its powers.
Rose quartz was the first crystal ever given to me and ever since I’ve felt drawn to it. Then a couple of years ago (right when I started thinking about Blossom & Stone), I had an energy healer do a reading for me and she told me that my heart chakra was where I lead from and that I should wear rose quartz on a necklace to protect it. What I love about rose quartz is that it acts as an opener AND a protector – I find it helps me to speak my truth and feel my feelings without getting hurt. Something I think we all need a little more of.

How does quartz react to the moon energy?
Since crystals pick up energy and vibration from their surroundings, crystals need to be cleaned at least once a month. Full and New moon energy act like a cosmic hot shower, washing away any negative or intense vibrations the crystal is holding. I put my rose quartz in the new and full moons prior to shipping it out so that my customers get the cleanest energy possible.
How do the powers of rose quartz work with hemp flowers?
The rose quartz is a beautiful enhancement to the calming properties of the cbd plant. While the CBD works to heal anxiety, the rose quartz promotes self love, confidence and helps with emotional balance.

What is the best way to use the Blossom & Stone oil?
The most direct way to take Blossom & Stone is under the tongue, but you can use it many ways: in your coffee, tea or smoothie, or you can apply it topically. I use it for sore muscles, menstrual cramps, even bug bites!
Why do you believe that we can heal ourselves with the power of stones and plants? 
I firmly believe that there is some much healing power in nature that we have forgotten about.  I love to tap into Mother Nature because when I do I feel more grounded and feel better on a deeper level.
When is the best way to take the Blossom & Stone oil?
Anytime! If you wake up with anxiety for the day, take it in the morning.  If you get stressed out at work, take it midday. If at night your mind starts to race, take it before bed. There is no right or wrong time, just take it when you feel called to.

Blossom & Stone’s tincture combines hemp flowers and crystals. It is hand bottled in small batches during every full and new moon for quality and freshness. See it at


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