Bridal Shower: Hello Adorn, Playful Promises + FootCloud

Weddings are thrilling and sweetly optimistic, whether they’re at an exciting or luxe destination, in a quaint and lovely local garden, in Las Vegas on the spur of a passionate moment, or at the Justice of the Peace. There are essentials that every betrothed will appreciate: jewelry, lingerie, fun, and relief from being on their feet day and night on the Big Day. Here are suggestions for all four:

Hello Adorn – Exquisite Affordable Jewelry

Hello Adorn creates the sort of distinctive jewelry can that transform and elevate an outfit, even a T-shirt. Their elegant creations are surprisingly affordable, considering that each piece is handmade in Eau Claire, WI and so beautiful. We recommend the Dagger Drop Hoops, which feature a faceted 1/2″ crystal quartz stone wire-wrapped to a 16mm endless hoop. These are available in 14-kt gold-fill and in sterling silver. You can purchase them in necklace form as the Crystal Dagger Necklace, too.

Shop your favorite styles here.

Playful Promises – Enhance The Mood

Playful Promises lingerie has something for every style taste, size, and cut – whether you prefer lacy, Goth, bold colors, subtle shades, bustiers, girdles, stockings, thongs, high-waist panties, plunge bras, ’50s-style Bettie Page pin-up lingerie, stocking clips, bralettes, Eddie Black Crossover Wrap Bras (above), Babydolls, DD+ fits, and plus-sizes.

Emma Parker, the founder of Playful Promises, says “Playful Promises is for women who choose not to fit into pre-defined boxes. We want to empower women and echo their playful personalities.” Moving away from the typical imagery that often forms the basis of lingerie ads, Playful Promises’s motto is: never beige and boring. Clever, funny, talented women of all body shapes are the brand’s target.

In addition to lingerie, you can also find a useful Advice section on the Playful Promises site, Wolf & Whistle swimwear, Bettie Page swimwear, bikinis for summer, sleepwear, and super playful pleasure toys.

Don the Solar Cosmic bra, girdle + panties to make someone see stars.

The Playful Promises Joanna Burgundy Gold Embroidery Padded Plunge Bra is a thing of beauty, and comes with a matching pantie. It’s so pretty, you’ll feel as though you’re in the Garden of Eden.

Shop your favorite sexy boudoir look here.


Tying The Knot – A Nearly Wed Party Game

Tying The Knot from Ridley’s Games is for 2+ players, runs 25 minutes, and is sure to have everyone laughing when they hear the creative answers about the nearly-wed couple. Match the couple’s answers as you fill in the blanks and the more you match, your odds of winning increase. Some questions are easy, others are trickier – and some are in the style of Mad Libs’ fill-in-the-blanks. There are 200 questions cards, 100 heart tokens, and a 300-page answer pad. Get the party started! Find it here.

Walking On Air – FootCloud’s All-Day Comfort

FootCloud is a veritable godsend for events that last all day and night. Weddings come to mind, but so do awards shows, parties, conferences, baby showers, reunions, and extended dinner dates. FootCloud’s gel cushions make your favorite shoes feel far more comfy with their stick-on gels that pad feet for the long haul. The result is akin to walking on Cloud Nine and having an extra and thick layer of skin. They come in a handy carrying pouch and sturdy travel case for transporting comfort. Ensure that you won’t even have to think about your feet and shoes at important events in the future, and visit here.


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