Celebrity Esthetician & Cosmetic Chemist Launches Acne Defense Line

If acne is one of your skincare concerns, Elina Fedotova, Founder and Chief Formulator of Elina Organics recently released her triple threat line to combat blackheads, whiteheads, skin inflammation, and aging complexions. Elina Organics creates award-winning holistic skincare products that are well distinguished around the globe.

The Oceanic Acne Defense Line features its Oceanic Resurfacing Mask, Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion, and Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion. Simultaneously used and consistently, these wondrous products repair, resurface, soothe, and aid to prevent acne. The best part is that the whole process takes only three steps. 

Elina kindly explained the steps in further detail:

First Step
Using the Oceanic Resurfacing Mask, users will be improving their skin texture. The Oceanic Resurfacing mask delivers spicules and extracts of Caribbean sponges deep into the skin to hydrate, heal, and improve the skin’s texture. This formulation is made to help scarred, uneven, dull, inflamed, and wrinkled complexions.

Second Step
This features the Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion product to cool and calm the skin. While the third and final step in this acne regimen features the Oceanic Defense Lotion that restores and rehydrates skin.

Third Step 
This acne skincare regimen includes the Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion, which restores and hydrates the skin with marine sponge spicules and extracts. It is designed for normal to oily, acne, and scarred complexions.

All of these new products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free and hand-made in a laboratory by Elina and her team. To discover more about Elina and see her incredible collection, go to ElinaOrganics.com.


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