Flavedo & Albedo: Plastic-Free Beauty

Flavdeo & Albedo is one beauty brand looking to throw plastic packaging to the curb. And they’re doing so in the most beautiful way. With affordable products in simple-yet-chic packaging, Flavedo & Albedo has everything you need for a daily, sustainable beauty routine.

Everything is packed in aluminum, glass, card, cork and sustainable timber. That means no tubes, no seals, no plastic at all. “We’re here because we wanted to reconcile our love of makeup and our plastic landfill anxiety,” the founders say. Considering the cosmetics industry produces at least 120 billion plastic containers filling up those landfills every year, Flavedo & Albedo is doing their part to make a difference. One makeup bag at a time.

Even the name of the brand comes from natural, sustainable beginnings. Flavedo is the term for the skin of a citrus fruit. Albedo is the white inside part of the citrus. “Makeup should be about more than what looks good on the outside, it’s also about what’s happening inside. And making sure that’s good as well,” the Australian-based beauty brand says.

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