FormRX Lightening Pads: Wipe Away Sun Spots

Summer and sun brings great joy and warmth, along with skin discolorations, which can be stubborn and unsightly. The solution is simple: FormRX Lightening Pads will lighten dark discoloration on your skin, such as freckles, sun spots/dark spots, and/or pigmentation. Bonus: FormRX leaves a healthy glow to cap it off. There are 60 pads in each bottle, and it’s a veritable godsend when nothing else works. Reach for FormRX Lightening Pads when you need to correct uneven skin tone and lighten dark spots after you hit the beach (and don’t forget your sunscreen). Hydroquinone 2% is the secret sauce – and this formulation also works on some forms of melasma and is medical-grade to strengthen and improve skin on a cellular level to help delay and reverse signs of aging, sun damage, and skin impurities. This luxury medical-grade skincare is well worth the investment.
Price: $109
Available: HERE