Get Glowing Skin With Glotrition’s Super Beauty Duo

Former TV news anchor and medical correspondent, Lisa Pineiro, founded Glotrition on the belief in the connection between beauty and nutrition.

And Glotrition’s Super Beauty Duo is an effective way to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs most for a glowing look. Super Beauty Elixir used with the Super Beauty Serum work together to diminish the look of wrinkles while increasing hydration, elastin, and collagen.

Super Beauty Serum

Glotrition’s Super Beauty Serum is a cool touch facial roller that soothes skin, reduces inflammation, and increases circulation with a plant-based serum that contains resveratrol, pro-collagen concentrate, and hyaluronic acid. Over time, you’ll notice increased skin firmness, smoothing, and lifting.

Super Beauty Elixir

Glotrition’s Super Beauty Elixir is all-natural, tasty, and contains a patented, Bioactive Collagen Peptide backed by science. Ingredients include a powerful blend of antioxidants, Biotin, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid to protect collagen fibers, nourish your skin’s cells, reduce fine lines, and increase the firmness of the skin. Packets mix easily with water. For the best results, drink a single packet per day.

Purchase Glotrition’s Super Beauty Duo HERE.

Glitter Bottle

Glotrition’s Glitter Bottle adds BPA-free glittery fun to your drinking experiences. The water bottle is made from shatter-proof, high-grade acrylic, and is double-walled, so the glitter floats around the bottle as you drink. It has a wide mouth to make it easier to add both water and ice, and it’s the perfect size to hold the exact amount of water (20 ounces) to mix with a Super Beauty Elixr stick!

Purchase Glotrition’s Glitter Bottle HERE.


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