Gift Someone Based On Their Aesthetic + Lifestyle: Our Fall Roundup

It’s a wrap on Labor Day weekend. You know what that means… fall and winter birthdays, fall wedding bridesmaid gifts, and the holidays will be upon us before we know it. Here are some gift ideas based on your recipient’s personality and lifestyle:

The Beach Goers
This person takes every opportunity to swim or sunbathe. They basically live on the beach, or lounge by the pool, basking in the sun. These are the people who always have an envy-inducing bathing suit.

For this sea loving group, the emerging swim brand Kamari would be an appreciated gift. Their vibrant suits and matching sarongs are perfect for sunbathing, socializing, or jet-setting to an event. These pieces bring versatility and vibrance to a wardrobe. Kamari swimsuits are designed to move easily with a woman’s body, no matter the vacation or occasion. It’s a brand that doesn’t make you sacrifice functionality for fashion. The founder and Florida native Madison Martina says the first collection is spicy, flattering, and is bound to be a beachwear fashion statement.

The Fragrance Collector
This person has an array of perfumes on their dresser in an elegant display. They always smell good, and you’re constantly asking them what perfume they’re wearing.

Introducing MCM’s new fragrance ULTRA Eau de Parfum. This fragrance, which was awarded “Packaging of the Year,” will surely add a statement piece to the collection of someone you care about. ULTRA’s casing is inspired by the brand’s backpack in eye-catching Berlin Gold. The women’s fragrance features a bold scent profile composed of jasmine, tuberose, cedarwood, blackcurrant, pink lady apple, natural Italian Bergamot, and pink pepper. It’s a delicate balance to create an unapologetic, full-of-attitude feminine signature.

The Interior Decorator
When you walk into this person’s house, you feel like you’re witnessing a Pinterest board in real life. For holidays or celebrations, they are usually hosting at their house.

Whether you need a stocking stuffer or a creative way to ask someone to be part of your wedding party, Rose Box NYC is the way to go. The company specializes in creating long-lasting arrangements with their specially preserved roses. Available both nation-wide and internationally in a range of shapes, colors and sizes, Rose Box allows you to create an arrangement that fits your desired setting and aesthetic. RoseBox also allows you to add a personalized note and/or the option to add a necklace to your purchase.

The Makeup Dolls
This person has every product known to man. Lipstick, blush, concealers – you name it, they have it. They always have a glamorous face, ready to take on the day.

Every makeup guru needs a good bronzer, but to achieve the ultimate makeup look, you need the Flyte.70 ColorBack.Burnished Bronze. This bronzer is made up of different shades/tones of brown with a streak of blush running through the middle to give off a perfect sun-kissed radiance touch. Subtle light reflectors and a hint of burnished rose to impart a healthy glow without excess sparkle or shimmer. It’s the perfect gift for anyone looking to get a little color in the winter without going on a vacation.

The Mary Jane Lovers
Now that cannabis is legal for recreational use in NYC, a lot of people have started to embrace this law change. For this group, we need to make sure that you stay calm and relaxed in the best way possible.

Whether they are a cannabis connoisseur or newbie, Blazy Susan is ideal for anyone who likes to divulge in this calming sensation. This forward thinking brand makes some of the best rolling accessories out there with fun and vibrant packaging. Built by smokers for smokers, their gorgeous, customizable Spinning Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters, pre-rolls, bangers, your cell phone, and more.

The At-Home Hairstylists
Whether they wear their hair natural or style it, this group always makes sure that their tresses look as though they just walked out of a salon, and they’re always in search a new styling product or tool.

The RevAir is the perfect gift for anyone trying to spend less time on their hair in the morning. The innovative styling tool is designed to dry, stretch, smooth, and lengthen all hair types in less than half the time of a traditional blow dryer. The low heat patented technology allows for healthier styling while it locks out frizz and seals in shine. The device gives you easy options so you can dry & stretch for protective styles, smooth for polished styles, and still be able to rock your natural hair when you choose.