Gifts for Every Aries

Spring has officially arrived and Aries come out of hibernation to reveal their feisty fire energy to the world above. Here’s a gift guide to make all of the Aries people in your life giddy with glee.

Baloo Weighted Blankets

An item they may have had their lovely eyes on could be a weighted blanket. I know the Aries in my life like to borrow mine (hey, as a Taurus, comfort is everything). The Baloo Weighted Blanket is the ultimate birthday gift for Aries. They are always on the move, so having a weighted blanket will help them to slow down and relax. Baloo’s blanket comes in multiple sizes and weights. Go for a light, 12-pound throw or mighty 25 King-sized blanket. I have the Full/Queen 20 pounds for an enjoyable weight as I catch the zzz’s. The filling is glass beads and downy cotton with a one-of-a-kind pattern to keep everything balanced. Your Aries will be thanking you for a long time if you bring this gorgeous gift to their birthday party!

Slayfire Cosmetics
Hades Glitter Gel

Aries will go gaga over some glitter, and Slayfire Cosmetics has the very best. Slayfire offers cruelty-free, vegan, family operated, handcrafted and eco-friendly glitters. Indigenous queer woman-founded and run, Slayfire has some of the most creative and colorful eye products that will spark a flame in the ram’s soul. Hades Glitter Gel, a clear shifting lavender glitter and Golden Age Glitter Gel, a gilded gold, represent the passion of Aries. Easy to use, just dip your finger into the pot and apply. It’s as simple as that and lasts all day long. Aries can dance, sing, scream, do just about anything in Slayfire.

Sun Chlorella USA

With Aries always on the go, their health can take a toll, so why not get them some goodies for their birthday so to stay healthy? Sun Eleuthero Tablets from Sun Chlorella USA are formulated with adaptogenic herbs. Made in Japan, these tablets help to level out energy, and to cultivate mental and physical ease without any of the jittery effects of caffeine. I’ve been taking these for the past week and noticed my immune system improve; I’ve been able to skip my afternoon naps because I actually have energy. Your Aries will thank you for this gift they didn’t even know they needed.

Jaded CBD

If your Aries is having trouble relaxing, woman-owned Jaded CBD has the solutions. The Vegan CBD Oil is full spectrum and hemp derived, making it perfect for travel from day-to-day to being able to fly with it. Just start with 10mg once a day and add 5mg after two weeks if you feel like you need to. Your Aries will thank you for the blissful calm they feel after taking this oil. Best part: it can be added to drinks like morning tea or smoothies.

If your ram is looking for sweet dreams, gift them Sleep Tight Gummies, a blend of full-spectrum CBD that aids in relaxation and rejuvenating sleep. Their high spirits (and stress) will melt away into a cloud of ease. Vegan and flavored with cloudberry, this gummy will be a treat they will look forward to before bedtime. Have them waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day’s adventures during their birth month.

Sleepy Tie

To add to the relaxation of your sweet Aries, why not get them Sleepy Tie? A chic and luxurious silk scrunchie that keeps blown out hair looking fabulous for days on end, it means less touch-ups and heat damage. Made from satin-polyester renders Sleepy Tie, vegan and cruelty free. I suggest the color Midnight, a posh black color that wears well both in and out of the house. Just twist your hair around the arch, creating a bun, and voila! Head to bed and have beautiful curls the next day. Aries’ active lifestyles mean they don’t have time to sit and re-do their hair, making Sleepy Tie an investment that saves time, money, and energy.

Sebastian socks

Up and at ‘em! Aries requires comfort to seize the day, clad in Paka’s Sebastian socks. Paka is a B Certified company and these socks are made with alpaca fibers to keep toes cozy. Alpaca fibers are thermo-regulating, so feet remain at a comfortable temperature as the environment changes. These socks don’t stay wet – they have low water retention, no smell, and are pillowy soft! Ideal for Aries who love exploration, hiking, biking, and just going about life. They will be thrilled when they put the Sebastian socks, with its cute alpaca, cactus, and mountain print.