Glow Like An Angel with Hydra Bloom Shimmer Oils

As the summer announces itself slowly and the air gets warmer, I am starting to flirt with sun rays and to walk with bare legs in the streets. I like to give my legs a gradual tan color that is very light at first and builds up to a darker tone as the weather grows hotter. One way to make your legs even more attractive in the summer with or without a bronzer is to use a shimmering oil on them such as Hydra Bloom’s collection of Frangipani Shimmer oils. They can be used by themselves on your legs, arms, and body to add shimmer to your skin or to give your bronzer a more vibrant sheen. Hydra Bloom deposits an almost veil-like gleam that improves the texture of your skin so that its color appears richer, more youthful, and lit up. Unlike inexpensive shimmers that leave a sticky residue or unpleasant scent, the Hydra Bloom Skin Shimmers feel like moisturizers on the skin. They are absorbed easily and smell heavenly.

Hydra Bloom’s collection of sheer body glows is infused with mood-boosting Australian flower essences (rose, lavender and amber) that enhance body and mind. The gold and pearl tones suit all skin tones, imparting a luminosity to skin that can make it appear more sculpted as well as more glowing. It finishes off like a dry oil and can also be used on your hair to create sexy waves — especially if you have thick or wavy hair. You can even moisturize your face with it, as it is so subtle that it disappears, leaving a glass-like sheen that is just beautiful. Key ingredients include argan oil, coconut oil, mica minerals, flower essences. Choose between HydraBloom Gold Lumiere, HydraBloom RoseGold Lumiere, HydraBloom Bronze Lumiere, HydraBloom Pearl Lumiere and many more variations of shimmer tints with golden, champagne and pearl-like undertones. The collection is cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. A favorite of celebrities like Oprah, you can find this luxurious collection HERE.


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