Green Perfume of Amazonian Goddesses: Natura Brasil

The Perfumes
Natura, Brazil’s largest beauty brand, offers 6 perfumes in their Collages Collection that smell heavenly, are vegan, and contain ethically-sourced Amazonian ingredients in gorgeous, sustainably crafted packaging. We tried Collages de Terra Eau de Parfum 50ml, with hints of soft woods, white flowers, and vanilla musk. This earthy fragrance wears like a cozy, comforting blanket and is fantastic for both everyday use and special occasions that require something memorable and exquisite.

All of Natura’s fragrance ingredients are carefully harvested by local communities in celebration of Brazilian biodiversity.

The Ilia Collection offers 3 elegant, exotic fragrances rife with rare and authentic Amazonian ingredients.

Their Ekos Collection is comprised of 5 lightweight and delightful fragrances that you can wear with confidence in situations that call for light perfumes.

Have a guy that you’re buying for? Natura’s Homem is the nature fragrant line for men with the same great-smelling, sustainable ingredients.

Read more about Natura fragrances here:

You can also find beautifully scented Body Mists, Candles, Hair Care products, skin care, men’s grooming products, gentle and natural items for Mom & Baby, and much more at the Natura site.

The Sustainability
Committed to Brazilian biodiversity for more than two decades, all of Natura’s beauty products are crafted with nature’s bounty, including ingredients such as castanha, açaí, patauá, and murumuru – all sourced through fair trade practices. Natura works with over 33 local communities in the Amazon region to help develop sustainable business models that benefit the standing forest economy; as a result, Natura has preserved 1.8 million acres of Brasilian forestland.

Offering refills since 1983, Natura has been a longstanding leader in sustainability. Their packaging saves 1,600 tons of waste per year, and refills result in 4,300 tons less greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, which is the equivalent to going around the Earth by car 770 times.

These are available in a range of products from inclusive skincare to hair-care, so check out all of the Natura products:


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