Herb + Flora: How To Rejuvenate Your Skin’s Mitochondria

We all know that it’s crucial to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that exercising also has a rejuvenating effect on your skin? Exercising has been measured to determine its effect on skin vitality. Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, Ph.D., a Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine and his team of researchers have demonstrated that not only does moderate exercise help maintain youthful skin longer, but that it might even help reverse the effects of age on the skin. Exercise helps reduce the thickening of the outer stratum corneum layer, and helps to thicken the inner layers, which becomes thinner with time on older, sedentary adults. Simply running and cycling twice a week for 30 minutes has a rejuvenating effect on the skin as we age.

Understanding how aging really affects the skin at its core is at the source of the novel approach undertaken by the creators of Herb & Flora. Aging damages the energy source of our cells, the mitochondria, which cause a slowing down of the natural removal of damaged proteins. This process is called autophagy. The slowing down of the autophagy mechanism in our bodies causes a build-up of damaged proteins that further impair mitochondrial function. It also leads to greater production of damaging free radicals. Yet when we exercise, cells recycle their own waste into fresh energy-boosting amino acids and natural sugars. It triggers the natural autophagy mechanism of the body. New mitochondria and cellular components can then be built. Dr Tarnopolsky has invented the Herb + Flora Exercise Mimic Youth Complex for co-founders, Marie-Pierre Stark Flora and Guillaume Herbette. It is at the core of the Herb & Flora holistic skincare line.

The Herb + Flora Exercise Mimic Youth Complex contains actives that help reproduce the anti-aging effects of exercise. New energy is poured into the cells of the skin when you apply it.

First apply Herb + Flora The Potion Youth Recovery Serum, Renewing + Anti Fatigue to your cleansed face. There are so many serums out there now, it is hard to figure which one is best for you. This serum is special because it mimics the anti-aging effects of exercise. The Herb + Flora Exercise Mimic Youth™ Complex includes ingredients that promote mitochondrial health and supports lower oxidative stress in cells. Even after one day of use, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your skin, and in 8 days, your skin will seem plumper with a more elastic feel. Skin radiates a glow, as if you had just exercised and are energized. The formula includes smoothing AHA and PHA and skin-replenishing mineral electrolytes. Use it daily to counteract the effects of fatigue and environmental stress and help your skin recover from life’s daily damage. Order it at https://herbandflora.com/products/the-potion.

Eye creams are key to help our eyes look awake and youthful. Herb + Flora Eye of the Cyclops Recovery Eye Gel for Lines, Bags, Circles stimulates skin recovery and reduces the look of crow’s feet, dark circles, and bags. Formulated with Herb + Flora’s Exercise Mimic Youth™ Complex –combined with Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, potent Mediterranean botanical antioxidants, and natural Eyeliss™ known to decrease undereye bags, the Eye of the Cyclops Recovery Eye Gel really helps your eye area to look plumper and fresher. Nab it at https://herbandflora.com/products/eye-of-the-cyclops

Herb + Flora Heros & Goddesses Fast Track Youth Energy for healthy skin, hair, nails are supplements to take every day to help your skin rejuvenate. An ongoing in-vitro test on skin cells has shown that after only 24 hrs, the membrane of the epidermal cells treated with the ingredients of Heroes and Goddesses demonstrates 514% less natural damage than that of untreated cells. Heroes & Goddesses is protecting the integrity and youthfulness of the epidermal cell membrane on a daily basis. Start using it to protect your cellular health and refresh your appearance at https://herbandflora.com/products/heroes-goddesses.

At night, switch your regular pillowcase for Herb + Flora Morpheus Pillow Anti-Wrinkle Recovery Pillowcase to improve skin firmness, brightness, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in four weeks. Each thread of the skin-saving pillowcase is carefully woven with copper fibers, a clinically proven essential mineral to support the skin. “As one sleeps on it the action of rubbing one’s skin on the fabric liberates copper ions in the moisture space between the skin and the fabric, hence accelerating the proliferation of new cells. It is this mechanism that leads to the pillowcase having an effect on wrinkles and firmness over time,” explain its founders. Better than a skin mask, you can wake up to smoother and refreshed skin.https://herbandflora.com/products/morpheus-pillow

Give this amazing new line a try to bolster your mitochondrial health and reduce oxidative stress on your cells – whether to maintain your youthful skin or to help repair damage in mature skin.


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