How To Create Mesmerizing Eyes for Halloween

When looking for high quality, vegan makeup essentials to make your peepers really stand out during the Halloween season, think of these favorites for dramatic looks (that won’t cake!) in fabulous hues that last all day:

The ’90s are back with their exotic color bash. Essence Eye Shadow Palettes come in an array of perfect hues from matte to shimmer to play it subtle or with the volume up. The texture applies very smoothly and consistently all over your lids. Choose between Dancing Green, Coral Me Maybe, I like to Mauve it Mauve it, Ice Ice Baby and Taupe It Up. These sit smoothly on the skin and the bold pigments can be mixed subtly or loudly with a brush. Use the Coral Me Maybe to bring out the blue in your eyes or flash your peepers with I like to Mauve it, to enhance dark eyes with a pearl like finish. Discover the vegan, clean, alcohol free, oil free, paraben-free and micro-plastic particle free collection with a luxury feel that is also incredibly affordable at

The Nude Stix Dark Romantic Moody Minimalist Eyes is a 6-piece makeup set that allows you to create subtle effects that suggest mystery and darkness. Use them to fashion your Gothic, unsettling looks on Halloween – or for mesmerizing eyes that stand out against a minimal, pale complexion after. The 3-in-1 long-wearing, waterproof, eye shadow pencil allows precise lining and contouring. The pencils glide on the lids with a luxurious finish that can easily be mixed with your fingers to create a sultrier appearance. For an even edgier statement, draw a line on your lids and double it with another line in a different hue on top. To highlight the inner corner, brow bone, or the center of the eyelid, use the Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Sugar Baby. After Halloween, the chic, long-wearing formula is also appropriate for everyday use to slightly accentuate lids with enigma and intrigue.

The Unique set includes:
Magnetic Matte Eye Color Pencil in Hot Stone (matte, cool greige)
Magnetic Matte Eye Color Pencil in Shady Algae (matte, deep smokey-green)
Magnetic Matte Eye Color Pencil in Oh! Bergine (matte, cool eggplant)
Magnetic Matte Eye Color Pencil in Terra (matte, terra-cotta)
Magnetic Matte Eye Color Pencil in Cocoa (matte, rich brown)
Magnetic Luminous Eye Color Pencil in Sugar Baby (luminous, crystal)
Black Tin with Mirror
Find it at or Ulta

That perfect sharp, black line below your peepers is the hardest thing to achieve. Most of us struggle with plenty of missteps until we can pull a straight, consistent line that also fits the shape of our eyes. The Meloway Your Way Eyeliner + Eraser consists of a super black waterproof liquid eyeliner on one end and a makeup eraser pen on the other. It is a perfect tool for anyone who struggles with eyeliners because you can erase mistakes along the way until you achieve a smooth line. It glides effortlessly with precision and consistency – and the beautiful rich, dark pigment line lasts for hours. Once you try it, no other eyeliner will compare. Find this vegan, cruelty-free product at


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