Jane Iredale’s Dazzle and Shine Collection for the Holidays

The Jane Iredale Dazzle and Shine Collection celebrates the holidays with festive essentials that sparkle on your skin, eyes and lips. The set includes the Dazzle and Shine Eye Shadow Kit, the Dazzle and Shine Sparkling Shimmer Powders, the Dazzle and Shine three piece Lip GLoss Kit and the Dazzle and Shine Magic Mitt

The special holiday palette includes creamy, highly pigmented powder shadows in matte and shimmer shades. The crease-resistant shadows contain moisture to help you blend them smoothly without irritating the skin.To add a sparkle to illuminate your eyes, cheeks and body, the limited edition trio of Sparkling Shimmer Powders create a delicate highlight that has a subtle ethereal elegance perfect for the holidays. Choose between Gold, Champagne and Bronze. Formulated with mica, a diamond pearlescent pigment, it conveys a shell like luminosity that will draw compliments from everyone.

The Dazzle and Shine Lip Gloss Kit mini glosses exfoliate, condition, plump and moisturize with lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, peptides and botanical oils and butters. Formulated without polybutene, the glosses will not make your lips sticky. Throw away your makeup remover cloths or pads, and treat your visage to the Dazzle and Shine Magic Mitt that helps to remove makeup better. Made from specially knitted microfibers many times thinner than a human hair, it turns makeup into an emulsion when mixed with warm water that sweeps all its traces away. It is able to penetrate the oils that bond makeup to the skin while gently exfoliating.

Makeup can be intimidating and tricky to apply when you are not a pro. Do you need help working the new Jane Iredale Dazzling Collection to create the most glamorous holiday looks? We asked Jane Iredale makeup artists how to use the collection to create looks for different shades of eyes and skin.

How would you bring out brown and blue eyes with the Dazzle & Shine palette for a special night?

Min Min Ma Make Up Artist:
For blue eyes, I love to use warm toned eyeshadows to make a stunning contrast with the iciness of the blue eyes. From the palette, go for Ginger Beer, Rose, Prosecco and Cider. For Jemma (model) on our holiday campaign shoot, I used Cider to gently contour the eye socket then added Rose to her upper eyelids and Ginger Beer to lower lash lines. For brown eyes, you can go for a neutral bronze theme by sticking to Hot Cocoa and Ginger Beer like I used on Emily (model) from the campaign shoot. If you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend a plum toned smokey eye look seen on Astrid (model). You’ll need Cranberry Punch along the bottom lash line and Hot Toddy on upper eyelids and press in Mulled Wine as an upper liner. Don’t forget lots of mascara. Jane Iredale’s new Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara is a must!

Ami Mallon:
Dazzle and Shine is the perfect palette for any eye color! In order to choose the right shades think back to the color wheel (yes, the same one from elementary school art class!). Complimentary colors, or those on the opposite side of the color wheel will flatter eye colors best. For example, those shades with a red, peach or chocolate undertone will flatter blue eyes – the Dazzle & Shine collection has gorgeous coppers, deep berries and rich terra cotta browns to flatter blue eyes. Brown eyes are flattered by any shade, but in particular deep plums and golds like those found in the collection will bring out rich brown eyes.
·What is the best way to use the Dazzle & Shine Gold Dust?

Min Min Ma:
This is such a versatile product. Add it to the nose bridge, cheekbones and cupid’s bow for an instant highlighting effect without looking too done. I also use the loose powder on top of the Dazzle & Shine for an extra pop of shine and color. You can use it dry or wet depending how intense you want the effect to be. For wet use, spray a bit of the POMMISST Hydration Spray onto a brush, dip into the powder and apply.

Ami Mallon::
24k Gold Dust is a huge fan favorite in the line because of its versatility, this collection contains not only the original gold shade but a champagne and bronze as well – making it the perfect glow for any skin tone. 24k dusts can be used on the lids, the cheekbones as a highlight, on top of a lip color for extra shimmer, as a body highlight or combined with any facial moisturizer or haircare product for a hint of sheen.
Should you first use your regular foundation and then add it on top?

Min Min Ma:
Yes. Make sure your ‘canvas’ is flawless before application. I highly recommend PurePressed Powder because it’s a foundation in powder form which works seamlessly with the consistency of the shimmer powders.

Ami Mallon:
24k Dusts can be either mixed in with foundation or added on top as a highlighter!

Which hue is best for fair skin and which for dark skin?

Min Min Ma:
Generally speaking, use Champagne and Gold for fairer skin and Gold and Bronze for darker skin. You can also mix and match as there’s really no rule with makeup. For example use the bronze shade as an eyeshadow and champagne for the face if you have fair skin. Similarly, use gold for the skin and champagne as a highlight around the eyes (inner eye corner and eyebrow bone) for darker skin.

Ami Mallon:
24k Dust in Champagne is beautiful for fair skins, Gold on light to medium skins and Bronze is particularly stunning on deep skin tones. However, all 3 can be used on any skin tone.

Should you use a brush or sponge?

Min Min Ma:
As you wish. Fingertips work well too.

Ami Mallon:
It is best to apply this product with either a fluffy brush for a light application or it can be packed on with a dense

Find the Dazzling Collection HERE