Kypris Beauty: For Better Skin + Better Kisses, Rife with Botanicals

Kypris has everything you need for skin and lips, and wow, it is spectacular! Consider it for Mother’s Day as a gift from Mother Earth.

The KYPRIS Body Elixir: Inflorescence floraison is so dense with fresh neroli and sweet orange that you’ll feel as though you’re in a Spanish garden in Seville. Not only does it soften skin, but it doubles as a summery scent. Inflorescence is a non-greasy, multi-functional body oil designed with a potency typically reserved for facial care. Savor 12 of the most nurturing organic, wild crafted, and co-op grown botanicals blended with aromatherapy in mind. Drench your skin in this liquid botanical love from head to toe with impunity. Your body carries you through your entire life, generating all manner of sensations, so show it some gratitude. Envelop your entire being in the potency of natural cosmeceuticals and the aromatic treasures of our earthly home.
Skin Type: made for skin that pleasures to be touched, nourished, and drenched in botanicals.
Price: $125
Available: HERE

The Kypris Puff of Love Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer nourishes skin day and night, is lightweight-to- medium weight, and utilizes active green biotechnology. Pay special attention to your eye area with this softening cream that is potent yet ultra-gentle. Quenches parched skin upon application, and with a softening effect that’s truly other-worldly. Contains:
HEMP – An organic botanical oil that nurtures the beauty of your skin’s delicate barrier.
BACILLUS – A fermented ocean extract discovered during an academic expedition that moisturizes and hydrates skin to enhance radiance.
GLUTATHIONE – this ‘Master Antioxidant’ brightens skin’s appearance.
Price: $165
Available: HERE

The Kypris Lip Elixir Balm is a decadent balm for kissable lips with peptides, sunflower and rice bran waxes, shea and cocoa butters, hyaluronic acid, sea fennel stem cells, Indian Jasmine flower, and French Violet to soothe and smooth. It’s like having your own lip garden, and it’s a pure delight in purse or pocket. This elixir imparts an aromatic kiss, and is so pure that it can be used anywhere on your skin. You can truly revel in this luscious blend.
Price: $49
Available: HERE

Find all of this skin soothing delightfulness and much more at

Chase Polan, Founder and CEO of Kypris Beauty:


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