KYPRIS: Summery Customized Skincare for Flower Lovers

KYPRIS enables you to create your own micro-emulsion with their beauty elixirs and serums so you can craft truly personalized skincare that will optimally benefit your skin type and issues. Active hydration and nurturing moisture will deliver visibly beautiful skin. KYPRIS believes self-care and intuitive skincare are both essential to caring for oneself, along with feeling incandescently beautiful both inside and out.

Cleanse – KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate
Start with clean skin. The KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate is chock full of co-op-grown Moringa, wildcrafted Prickly Pear, shea, sunflower, and probiotics. Non-foaming, this leaves your skin feeling silky soft and dewy.
Price: $98
Available: HERE

Step 1: Choose Your Fave Beauty Elixir
All three of these Beauty Elixirs are blended with raw, sustainably sourced plant and seed oils, combined with bio-identical CoQ10 for an incredibly luxe moisture. Choose from these three:
Beauty Elixir 1 – 1000 roses! This is the most moisturizing and is a veritable rose bush in a bottle. ($230)
Beauty Elixir 11 – a rainbow of aromatic, balancing flowers and vitamins for balancing your skin tone. ($210)
Beauty Elixir 111 – a prismatic array for sensitive skin. The most gentle elixir of all elixirs. ($160)
Step 2: Choose Your Customizing Serum
Customize your rituals & care due to lifestyle and natural cycles, since your skin’s desires can be different each day and fluctuate. KYPRIS Serums provide the ability to uniquely tailor your skin care ritual.

Antioxidant Dew – a quenching hydration serum that imparts a glow. This has antioxidants galore with vitamins C & E, sea algae, Waltheria indica, and DPHP.
Price: $90

Clearing Serum – a gentle, balancing serum, which is exactly what you need for pampering your epidermis.
Price: $90

Moonlight Catalyst – a nighttime refinement serum that is downright dreamy.
Price: $98
The System
Apply 2-5 drops of your chosen Kypris Beauty Elixir and Kypris Serum to fingertips and apply to face, neck, and decollete.

The Final Step
Admire! Repeat and thrill to your soft skin, all throughout summer.


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