Melach 33: Holistic Old World Therapies + Modern Science

Skin oils are still the craze in skincare, particularly if you have dry skin; they seem to be the best thing to keep the epidermis hydrated, nourished, and velvety smooth. With their combination of fatty acids and botanical extracts, they improve the skin texture and make skin glow. I love to use them mostly in the winter, but find myself reaching for them in this transitory spring-to-summer season too, when a day can oscillate between chilly morning gales and balmy midday air. The best oils disappear into the skin upon contact and cushion the surface so that it seems more buoyant and fresh.

Melach 33’s Rimmon Elixir Face Oil is the perfect oil for spring. Lightweight and easily absorbed, the moisturizing face elixir contains pomegranate seed oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil – all rich in nourishing omegas and antioxidants. The Omega 5 fatty acid found in pomegranate seed oil, is a particularly powerful antioxidant that protects against free radical damage and keeps skin youthful-looking. Grapeseed oil, rich in omega 6 fatty acid, firms skin and Vitamin E helps fight wrinkles. This refined and luxurious oil will not clog pores but create a clear and radiant complexion. You can use it with your moisturizer underneath your sunscreen in the morning, but I prefer to use it without a moisturizer as the texture fills the skin so deliciously. At night, use by itself or add a few drops to your night cream to replenish your skin with the regenerative fatty acids (something your skin needs year-round). Melach 33 combines a holistic knowledge of old-world therapies with modern-day science. The name Melach 33 is derived from the Hebrew word for “salt,” melach, and the percentage of salt in the Dead Sea, 33. The line is paraben, mineral-oil, lanolin-free and has no artificial colors or formaldehyde. Find this rejuvenating and healing luxurious oil at

Melach 33 has recently launched a collection of wonderful moisturizers to use with their facial oil or to use in place of it when the air warms up and your skin requires less deep-reaching hydration. You can use the oil underneath the Melach 33 Nourishing Moisturizer or use this rich, easily absorbed, and light moisturizer by itself. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals blended with natural antioxidant plant oils of grapeseed, almond, and pomegranate, it reinforces the skin barrier and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and satisfied for hours. Just apply it to the face and neck after cleansing. Find it at

The Melach 33 Night Cream combines Dead Sea minerals and antioxidant plant oils such as grapeseed, almond, and pomegranate. It repairs damage from pollution and air overnight without clogging pores or feeling heavy on the skin. It has the consistency of cream and melts on the face. Wake up with velvety-smooth and clear, refurbished skin in the morning at


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