MIND Naturals: Clean Colombian Skincare

Colombia’s MIND Naturals skincare line melds natural, efficacious ingredients with organic CBD in these two powerhouse Beauty Best Bet products for summer:

The Unwind Moisturizer contains CBD as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, antioxidant, antibacterial, and skin softener. This product is formulated for all skin types, as are all of MIND Naturals products. This also contains aloe leaf juice for post-summer sun soothing and for softening skin, and each Jar contains 250mg of hemp extract (<0.3% THC). The Hydrating Mask is a nourishing facial mask that improves elasticity and contains beet root, radish root, organic CBD and more to rescue sun-dried skin and replenish its moisture and luster. Other products in the MIND Naturals line include Facial Cleansing Gel, eye cream, Hydrating Mask, reusable cotton pads, a Refreshing Mist, Hand Cream, and more.

About MIND
This Colombia-based clean beauty brand was founded with the goal of bringing mindfulness into our everyday skincare routine. MIND’s hero ingredient is quality organic CBD oil sourced from the brand’s own sustainable farm cultivation in Colombia — the largest scale CBD production worldwide! The brand’s entire product line is free from colorings, phthalates, preservatives, and is never tested on animals. MIND Naturals is also committed to preserving our planet by launching 100% sustainable and biodegradable packaging on Earth Day. Through a combination of plant and sugar-based materials and recyclable packaging, MIND leaves no micro-plastics and a minimal carbon footprint behind.

Founded by Paulina Vega, a former Miss Universe 2014 and Miss Colombia, MIND Naturals was inspired after her hectic lifestyle took a toll on her mental health. She began prioritizing her skin, and was shocked on her journey to mindfulness by how closely skincare and wellness are linked.

To discover more ethical, clean-ingredient, and sustainable skincare brands, check out Brightly.eco too!


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