Missing Your Microderm Appts? Here’s Your In-Home Hack

Microdermabrasion — it’s your ticket to an even skin tone and radiant, rejuvenated skin. But what’s a girl to do when she can’t get to her regularly scheduled procedure?

In the midst of salon and spa shutdowns, here’s a DIY hack—meet NeedCrystals, a purveyor of professional spa-level microderm crystals that also happens to retail to the casual buff too (yes, exfoliator pun intended).

A few things to know: NeedCrystals uses 99.4% pure natural white aluminum oxide (official name is not so sexy—corundum—but it’s in the same family as ruby and sapphire). These are superfine, gentle, perfectly round crystals (as opposed to other exfoliants which can have ridges or jagged edges that can cause microtears in the skin). To use, simply add a sprinkle to your routine, mixing in with your cleanser or rinse-off mask—you can even add to body wash or soap to exfoliate the hands and body and soften skin from head to toe.

I love that it’s easy to add into my existing skincare routine, instead of adding another step. It’s also nice to use an exfoliator that doesn’t dissolve, like sugar or salt would under prolonged exposure to warm water. It feels noticeably different than other facial scrubs—it feels grittier but also gentler. That boggles my mind a bit, but bottom line, my skin is beyond soft when I rinse.

While exfoliating with the crystals can amplify your overall glow and help with a range of issues, from ridding you of dead surface cells to diminishing the appearance of scars and fine lines, NeedCrystals also offers options that boost the benefits even more—a Vitamin C version for anti-aging and a Salicylic Acid version for acne-prone skin. No matter which you use, limit your treatments to once or twice a week and take care to avoid smoking, sunbathing, glycolic acid, and anything else that generally may damage or make your skin more sensitive.

I saved the best part for last—this spa-like treat isn’t even much of a splurge. The line starts at $9.99 and caps off at $29.99.

Ready to shop? Head to www.needcrystals.com or snag on Amazon (I’ve seen a coupon floating around on there!)