Moisturize While You Mask With Soliscia by Nufabrx

Is your face getting irritated from frequent mask use? Let’s face it – skin puffiness, redness, and inflammation are all a pain. But if you’re looking to up your mask game, check out Soliscia by Nufabrx, a first of its kind reusable, machine washable, double-layered face mask infused with moisturizing shea butter. That’s right! A face mask with a built-in moisturizer. Provide much-needed hydration to dry skin while also doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Soliscia by Nufabrx snugly fits over your face with soft ear loops that won’t hurt your ears, and the mask’s copper fibers make it resistant to bacterial growth.

Order your shea butter infused mask online for $29.99 HERE.


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