My Function of Beauty Experience

I jumped at the opportunity to test out and formulate my body lotion and body wash from Function of Beauty. All I had to do was fill out a quick quiz answering questions about my skin and my fragrance and color preferences, and then boom – I received the products directly to my door.

Function of Beauty Custom Body Wash + Lotion

While my face is prone to breakouts, my body’s skin can get dry, especially in the fall and winter seasons. That is why having a moisturizing body wash and body lotion is so important.

I was feeling a rosy scent. My favorite perfumes are all floral, so I figured it would be a safe bet for my Function of Beauty products.

I love me a good fragrance, and if I am wearing one, I am not someone who wants it to wear off throughout the day.

Because duh.

Think pink. It’s a better way of life.

Just like that, the body products I had customized were on their way to me. But nothing could have prepared me for how cool they would be. Taking an online quiz is one thing, but it was unreal to receive bottles of body wash and lotion whose colors, scents, and names, were picked out by me. These weren’t just computer-generated images, but the real deal.

The bottles came with adorable stickers so I could personalize my bottles further. I happily busied myself with using every sticker on the sheet to cover my bottles completely.

I enjoyed having a say in the look and smell of my skin products. It made the shopping process a total blast, and left me curious to try other customizations, because why not?

Function of Beauty’s products feature natural ingredients such as sugar beet extract, vegan squalane, and sunflower seed oil. Order your Custom Body Wash + Lotion from Function of Beauty online HERE!


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