Nubian Heritage: Your Thirsty Skin Will Thank You

Guys, spring temps are just around the corner and you know we’re gonna see bare legs hitting the sidewalk as soon as the thermometer breaks 60. I’m beyond ready to say bye to the white stuff—and I’m not just talking about snow (looking at you, dry, flakey skin). Before you skirt up for the thaw, remember that 85% of you has been hibernating under tights, sweaters and puffer coats all winter. Enter Nubian Heritage’s Shea Butter & Aloe Body Lotion.

The word “lotion” is a little misleading, but in a oh-wow-this-is-awesome sort of way. I’m not a fan of watery formulations that seem to evaporate and leave my skin in the same state it was in before applying. Luckily for me, this lotion is pleasantly thick—think halfway to a body butter. And I quickly learned there’s even more to love about it—the bevy of natural, skin-hydrating stuff (oh hey aloe, you’re the first ingredient!), the luxe creaminess that absorbs in a snap sans any greasy feel, and the fact that it’s fragrance-free, so there’s no competing with your fragrance du jour. Plus, your heart will feel happy knowing the certified organic shea butter comes from fair trade co-ops, helping to support African women while keeping your skin silky smooth. My only minor gripe—I wish it came in a pump bottle as the thicker texture can get tough to squeeze out…but first world problems, right?

Snag yours at, Whole Foods and Walmart.

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