Outlaw Cosmetics NEW I Love Lashes Rehab Kit and a Q&A with Sara Edward Wayne

Outlaw Cosmetics Lash Rehab Kit with Lash Serum and Black Mascara
Outlaw Cosmetics Lash Rehab Kit // Photo from Outlaw Cosmetics Official Website

I love wearing strip lashes. The bigger the better, even if I can see them as I blink, fluffing around like fuzzy caterpillars just beyond the eye’s horizon. However, I can’t lie that sometimes, they make me concerned about my lash health. When I take them off I feel the tug and the glue makes me uncomfortable to imagine on my eyes for long hours, especially after sweating at night time shenanigans.

Outlaw Cosmetics has developed the perfect combo to revive lashes from being all stripped out. The brand was founded by longtime Hollywood makeup and Lash Extension Artist, Sara Edward Wayne. Her extensive experience amounts to over a decade. This led to creating the I Love Lashes Lash Rehab Kit – a combo that would help support lash wearers of any kind.

The I Love Lashes Lash Rehab Kit

Two products comprise the I Love Lashes Lash Rehab Kit: a lash serum and a black mascara. These two items combine into the ultimate lash health boost. Both products nourish your lashes to help them grow while looking great in the process.

The Lash Serum

The serum contains biotin peptides to help boost lash growth, green tea to help sooth any irritation ( like when I pull my strip lashes off), and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and lock in moisture around the lash line.

The serum is fragrance free, oil-free, paraben free and cruelty free.

The Black Mascara

The black mascara is actually boosted with the lash serum in it. This means all those peptides and nourishing components are doubled when you put this mascara on during the day.

Q&A with Sara Edward Wayne

We were able to ask Sara some questions about the I Love Lashes Lash Rehab Kit and about Outlaw Cosmetics as well.

Q: Why did you create the Lash Rehab Kit?

S: “As an eyelash extension artist, the number 1 concern among clients is always the health and safety of their natural lashes. This kit was created for anyone taking a break from any sort of lash extension or faux lashes in general (including strip lashes) or anyone who just wants to create longer, thicker lashes naturally. The lash serum can also be used in addition to wearing lash extensions and keeps your lashes healthy & strong and keeps them growing.“

Outlaw Cosmetics Sara Edward Wayne with the Lash Rehab Kit
Outlaw Cosmetics Sara Edward Wayne with the Lash Rehab Kit // Photo from Outlaw Cosmetics Official Website

Q: Who is the lash kit for?

S: “Anybody who is taking a break from lash extensions, anyone who wears a lot of strip lashes on a regular basis, anyone looking to drastically boost their eyelash growth, anyone who has lost a lot of natural lashes whether it be a medical condition, hormones or age or anyone who just wants longer, thicker lashes in general!”

Q: Can the Lash Rehab Kit help with spotty eyebrows? ( asking for a friend…? )

S: “Yes, The serum in the lash rehab kit can be used on eyebrows.  It helps stimulate brow hair growth.”

Q: Why is the serum oil free?

S: “It is oil free because it allows those with lash extensions to be able to use it. Anyone who wears lash extension needs to only use oil free products on lashes.  Oil breaks down lash adhesive.  So anything with oil is a big no-no when it comes to fake lashes.”

Q: What is the recommended way to use the Lash Rehab Kit? 

S: “You use the serum at night before bed and you wear the mascara during the day.”

Q: Can you tell me a little about why you created Outlaw Cosmetics and about the causes Outlaw Cosmetics supports?

S: I created Outlaw Cosmetics with the vision of creating an edgy bold female founded and operated business and cosmetic line that empowers women from all walks of life. Outlaw Cosmetics is passionate about helping women in hardship. We feel passionately about helping domestic abuse victims and human trafficking victims.

Outlaw Cosmetics I Love Lashes Lash Serum
Outlaw Cosmetics I Love Lashes Lash Serum // Photo from Outlaw Cosmetics Official Website

Q: Where would you like to go next with Outlaw Cosmetics?

S: “I would like Outlaw to have a full product line sold at all major beauty retailers. My dream has alway been Sephora. I also feel strongly about giving back and helping other women in need.  I would love to create a non profit organization beauty school that helps underprivileged women & abuse survivors by offering training and guidance to help obtain careers within the cosmetics and beauty industry (esthetics or cosmetology) or within the Outlaw Cosmetics HQ corporate brand (yes, I am thinking big and I would like a corporate office). “

Testing the Lash Rehab Kit

I was very excited to try this kit. Not only because of my usage of strip lashes, but also because I’ve been on the lookout for a new mascara. I’ve been particularly attracted to mascaras that will provide nourishment to my lashes while I wear them. However, most of the time the formula can end up runny or easy to smear.

Outlaw Cosmetics I Love Lashes Black Mascara
Outlaw Cosmetics I Love Lashes Black Mascara // Photo from Outlaw Cosmetics Official Website

Since the the mascara is meant to be worn during the day ( and the serum is to be used as a nightly ritual ), I opted to trying the mascara first.

The Lash Rehab Kit’s mascara, or as they like to call it – lashcara, felt amazing to put on. At first, the curved brush confused me as this was different from my usual choice of mascaras. However, I learned pretty quickly how to use it and I ended up loving how the curve gave me total coverage and also let me use the tip to coat my inner corner lashes more precisely.

The formula itself felt incredibly smooth with its liquid velvet texture that lovingly coated each lash. My lashes did end up looking almost like falsies. Maybe I won’t turn to strip lashes as often now.

I’m far from a professional and I typically go for the easiest and quickest application of everything. I found that after an entire night of revelry and chaos, there was practically no smudge, smear or transfer at all. This without primer or use of a finishing spray.

The promise of durability is not a lie.

I love Lashes Lash Rehab Kit Black Mascara Trial by Sophia Calderone
Mascara Test // Photo by Sophia Calderone

At the end of the night, I tried the lash serum. While I know there needs to be time to see results, I loved the thin brush that provided exquisite and precise lash application.

I also found that even when I had shifted my hand and brushed too close to my waterline ( read poke myself in the eye ), there was no tearing from the product at all. The ingredients are kind to sensitive eyes and shaky hands.

Outlaw Cosmetics Lash Serum and Black Mascara
Outlaw Cosmetics Lash Serum and Black Mascara

I found the idea of the lash kit to be subtly powerful. Two small items are keeping your lashes healthy and strong. This is like saying even the smallest parts of you deserve to be looked after. And anyone who wears lashes ( strip or extension ), knows just how amazing they make you feel.

The Lash Rehab Kit is clearly a product of passion. Outlaw Cosmetics is all about empowering women. They are an example supporting those big desires by doing what you can with what you already know. Even if its starting small and beautiful and eventually getting that big corporate office.

Both the I Love Lashes serum and the Lashcara (black mascara) can be purchased individually on Outlaw Cosmetics website. For more information on Outlaw Cosmetics you can check out the official Outlaw Cosmetics Instagram account.

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