Overt’s The Hydrator: A Skin Serum to Battle Heat + Dryness

During the summer’s hottest and most stifling days, your regular serum will not do! Extreme heat, humidity, dirt, pollution, and air conditioning create an unbalanced environment that stresses your epidermis. Your skin may be showing signs of less-than-perfect texture, irritation, acute dryness, and redness. To relieve thirsty skin, you need a deeply moisturizing serum, such as Overt’s The Hydrator, which is an amazingly emollient and cooling organic serum. Formulated with organic aloe vera, vitamin E, and centella asiatica (an Asian plant rich in boosting antioxidants), it contains 20% organic hyaluronic acid, which is immediately absorbed to leave skin buoyant with moisture throughout the day. Aloe vera and centella asiatica are powerful collagen enhancers that stimulate your skin to look plumper and youthful, too. You will love how fresh and cool your skin feels. 

Overt is committed to transparency, efficacy, and charity. The company is open with their production processes, ingredient sourcing, and distribution. The brand’s five essential serums use sustainably sourced ingredients and their products do not contain unnecessary fillers. Overt commits to donating 10% of their net profit to fight slavery and human trafficking, and the brand believes that if every company took the same steps that they do to ensure ethical sourcing and supply chain integrity, much of what consists of modern-day slavery would not exist. Formulated by a team of PhDs and chemical engineers, The Hydrator is compatible with a wide range of skin types. It is cruelty free, has no silicones, parabens, fragrances, alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) 

Try the Hydrator and all of the excellent Overt serums at https://overtskincare.com/products/the-hydrator.


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