Puppy’s Breath is #HappinessBottled from Demeter Fragrance

I don’t know about you, but, lately, I’m feeling more than a little anxious. Sleep has not been my friend. Social media detoxes, walks, curated playlists (cue Maxwell), salt and vinegar chips, and let’s face it, wine, are reliable companions.

Aside from Golden Girls or Schitt’s Creek, maybe you’re in need of a more meaningful relationship? Btw, I’m not suggesting a breakup, but I am advocating for adopting or fostering a rescue pet. But, you’re allergic, your bf or roommate is, your building won’t allow or it’s a no go, I get it.

If a furry addition isn’t possible, then consider Puppy’s Breath from the Demeter Fragrance Library.

Captivating, heart swelling and elusive, Puppy’s Breath, evokes all the swells, smells, and the emotional rush of these lovable creatures. This new fragrance, which took over 20 years to perfect, comes at a time when we all could really use a hug. Slightly sweet, there are hints of organic-inspired compounds mixed with aloe, florals and a bit of optimism. The Puppy’s Breath hashtag says it all: #happinessbottled.

Plus, there’s a range of products to bask in for comfort: Shower Gel, Body Spray, Body Lotion, Atmosphere Diffusers, Cologne, Massage and Body Oils, starting at just $3.20.

Demeter is offering a 20% off site-wide sale now and throughout the holidays (no code or coupon needed), free shipping on all orders over $50 and free gift with orders $25+.

Visit Demeter here for Puppy’s Breath and more delicious scents.


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