Repetto Paris for French Style + Luxury

We’ve just found our favorite place for boots, shoes, dance shoes, and athleisure-wear: Repetto Paris. This sophisticated French brand is widely renowned as a shoe lovers dream-come-true, and is already widely lauded by ballet dancers, but it also has gorgeous offerings in the realm of handbags and athleisure-wear. Dancers cherish this brand for their soft leather shoes, yet we all can benefit from their comfortable, well-made, luxurious booties for winter and spring.

How lovely are these Melo Ankle Boots?! They come in a wide array of colors to suit every occasion, and are in style for every season and reason. Pair them with casual dresses, jeans, formal pants, and formal dresses, as they work for a multitude of styles. They feature a square toe and heels with rounded sides, which conveys a cool retro vibe. These boots are crafted to last. Materials: goatskin suede and metallized lambskin with a suede goat leather insole, and lambskin leather lining. Leather wrapped heel. You’ll also find Mary Janes with high and low heels, Ballerina slip-ins with chunk heels, Cendrillon ballerina flats, loafers, Soho Boots, jazz-inspired Oxford shoes, and more. What I love about the shoes and boots on the Repetto Paris site are their unusually vibrant colors, including maroon, red, purple, fuschia, pink, gray, green, yellow, gold, and silver.

The Women’s Lace Leotard with 3/4 sleeves in white and black works beautifully for non-dancing events too, and looks especially elegant when paired with a pencil skirt or high-waisted formal pants.

Channel your inner Sarah Jessica Parker with this Ballerine mid-length tutu skirt and wear it to your favorite formal event or (as SJP did in her series) to the corner bodega. Your choice, your skirt! Every woman should have at least one tutu in a favorite color. You’ll find an array of other tulle skirts and ballet-inspired fashion here.

Your Mini Envolée Bag is simply one of Repetto Paris’s many inventive leather goods that are crafted with the highest quality materials. This smaller version of the iconic Envolée is ideal for those times when all you need is a lipstick, a key, a breath mint, and perhaps your phone. Poetic, distinctive, and timeless, this is a bag that will see you through many of your favorite evenings to come. Available in white, gold and brown. You can find other small leather goods, cross-body bags, chic leather backpacks and other purses and bags in stylish colors on the Repetto Paris site, too.

Repetto Paris’s Athleisure offerings are broad-based and encompass everything from yoga wear and mats to hoodies and down jackets, spring nylon jackets, T-shirts, wrap skirts, tank tops, chic shoulder warmers, jazz pants, harem pants, overalls, very distinctive sneakers and duffle bags.

In other words, you’ll find every single piece you’ll need for working out, being comfortable and stylish at home, being casually chic, and finding your zen in comfortable yoga attire. Choose your favorite styles for all seasons here.

Check out the Repetto Paris site and consider which pieces would be ideal for your winter and spring wardrobe. It’s wise to invest in fashion and accessories that are cleverly designed, well-made, crafted with quality materials, come in an array of unique hues, and are created to last as timeless pieces that will thrill you for many years to come. The site even has a sale section! You’re sure to find something that resonates with your style.

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