Save Face with Game Face Second Skin Concealer by Alleyoop

Alleyoop, our favorite clean beauty, multi-tasking makeup brand has just released a fabulous new addition to their amazing product roster – the Game Face Second Skin Concealer. It’s a super lightweight, hydrating makeup-skincare combo product. Containing your favorite ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Aloe Stem Extract – you can just know from that list alone it will not crease or flake on your face.

Alleyoop Game Face Second Skin Concealer Product Image

With the amount of concealer I seem to go through, I tend to be able to try out a lot and see what works for my skin type. I’m a mixed combination skin with variations of dry patches, oily spots and all of that mess moving around at all times. From stressful late nights, to forgetting some skincare products when I’m out on the go, having something small, easy to use, and efficient is indeed a game-changer. In general, nowadays I aim for products that can be worn by itself, and are easy to travel with since I’m always on the go.

The Game Face concealer really fits the criteria here. It comes in a cute periwinkle tube. The top also hides a sponge to help evenly spread out your product although I am very much guilty of hand-dabbing myself. ( Clean hands, guys! Clean hands! )

This concealer is also super light-weight yet somehow still provides good coverage. This makes a huge difference because it lets me layer if needed and also gives me the option to just use it as a light diffuser for my skin instead of strictly coverage. Sometimes, all I want is to even out my skin tones, not make them look picture perfect ( not that I can ever make it look perfect ).

Alleyoop Game Face Second Skin Concealer Applicator

With that lightweight formula, I had no issues dabbing a little under my eyes and onto blemishes around my face. The product had spread out evenly with its silky smooth formula.

The Game Face concealer comes in a whopping 12 shades, all of which are adjustable because of its lightweight formula that lets you build as you need. If you are unsure about which shade is best for you, Alleyoop has a fun shade matching quiz you can use to find out.

Alleyoop Game Face Second Skin Concealer Swatches

Alleyoop is also an eco-conscious brand implementing sustainable practices into various aspects of their brand. They use recyclable materials that are sustainably sourced. They minimized waste by having one product do the job of many. They use biodegradable packing peanuts. They also partner with Cleanhub where for every order placed on Alleyoop, an equivalent amount of plastic waste will be removed before hitting the ocean.

So for the sake of your skin, save your face with Game Face. Try it in multiple shades if you like to juggle products even though it goes against the ethos of reducing waste in the environment. Or just go for the one and only that’s for your skin.

To learn more about Alleyoop check out their website. You can also learn more about their partnership with Cleanhub here.

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