Save Your Hands with Pestlo 90-Sec Elastox Hand Ampoule

Have you noticed how hands can reveal veins and have lines popping to the surface as you age? We spend so much time smoothing our visage, yet forget about super age-sensitive areas like the neck and hands. Whatever your age, hands will eventually become a focal point at some point in your life. You might leave them on your lap when a picture is taken or hide them underneath your napkin at dinner when meeting a potential new beau. I notice that when I drink wine, my hands dry out and the surface looks oddly thinner. The sun also seems to dehydrate the delicate skin, but sunscreen is not enough. Start protecting the skin on your hands today with efficacious care: the BeautySpy, an online K-Beauty and J-Beauty retailer with the latest innovations in skincare, has recently launched Pestlo 90-Sec Elastox Hand Ampoule.

This anti-aging hand ampoule reduces wrinkles and fine lines with liftonin, an active botanical ingredient complex that improves skin structure with use. 12 multi-peptide ingredients provide elasticity and firmness to the skin, and 17 kinds of amino acid ingredients effectively moisturize, plump, and nourish the epidermis, restoring more elasticity.

How to Use:
Gently shake before use. On clean dry skin, take a pea-sized amount of product and apply a thin layer evenly on the wrinkled spot of the hand.
Wait 90 seconds for it to fully absorb.
For best results, apply hand cream or serum after application.
You will start seeing your hands look smoother, younger, and plumper!

Start protecting your hands HERE .


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