Self-Defense for Skin

Spa Technologies’ Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer is a win for skin and I’m here for it. Firstly, I love the packaging. A quick pump or two provides two fingers worth of moisturizer with SPF 25 sunscreen (a SPF 45 version is also available) for my face and neck.

The yummy fruity smell of Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer is highly appealing, as is this moisturizer’s featherweight, silky texture. Upon application, Eco Defense instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Most importantly, the titanium dioxide sunscreen in this moisturizer is considered safe by the FDA and it is also a gentle choice for use on sensitive skin such as mine. Another ingredient I’ve found to be particularly useful on my sensitive combination skin is algae. Therefore, I was happy to see algae listed on the ingredient label, along with licorice root and chamomile—two ingredients that always mange to soothe my skin when it acts out because of exposure to excess heat, wind, cold, or other environmental factors.

Defend the skin you’re in! When it comes to what makes a daily moisturizer indispensable, Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer checks all the boxes. It is highly recommended.


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