Sorme Make-Up: Beauty for All Skin Shades + Types

Sorme Cosmetics strives to deliver flawless, affordable beauty and radiant skin to all with its next-level beauty products, and achieves its goal. These Earth-friendly, people-friendly products are fortified with vitamins and minerals to amp up the healthful beauty aspect for all skin shades and types, and include Smearproof Lipliner with Vitamin E, Smearproof Eyeliner, Featherfull Eye Brow Pencil, Water Resistant Self-Correcting Liquid Eyeliner to ensure that you can achieve the results you want, Lip Thick plumping lip gloss for luscious lips, Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick with a long-lasting matte finish, Lip Rescue – a chunky tinted lip balm pencil with total hydration power (that can double as cheek color), Galacia Essential Eye Shadows for all skin types, Bombshell Mascara, and more; find these at CVS Beauty. #sormecosmetics


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